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A Few Finished Minis


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A few cheap npcs...


Noble Women




Dollar Tree fairy garden figures, I'm thinking about grabbing another set. I just put them on wooden discs with just a grey paint because I didn't think my normal basing would work right and I'm likely just leaving them on a shelf most of the time along with my various houses from the set


Unfortunately, their male ones are all garden gnomes that seem to be set up entirely for "amusing poses" rather than anything useful.

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15 minutes ago, Grand Slam said:

Yeah...those work for npc gnome ladies. I like the pastel color schemes. I don't trust that blue one, though. She's got that look in her eyes...

According to some kids in the store, they're just princesses due to the hats...and they do work as just generic noblewomen for things

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9 minutes ago, Brother Jim said:

I believe your Herd Dinos could be Iguanidons, and your unknown Witch Hunter looks like a Warhammer Quest mini I had decades ago.

I don't think they're iguanodons, they don't have the right hands there for them.


The witch hunter isn't a Warhammer Quest one, it's similar, and I'd stumbled onto the place that made it as one of their discontinued minis. The pose is wrong for him

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Just a repaint of a toy statue of the dragon from shrek...it wasn't a very good one, but it works well enough with a very different paint job.







This is a christmas village piece, not sure who makes her, because there's a holiday village section at a collectables store, she was in a loose piece bin. I kind of saw the book and decided she needed to be repainted for me.

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