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Another Map

Rob Dean

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After finishing the Myzantine Empire map for a miniatures campaign the other day, I decided to carry on with the mapping effort.  I elected to try a section of my original  D&D campaign map, around the town of Stoneharrow, which is the usual adventurer base.  This can serve as a player handout when I get my revival game going, as “what the players know about the immediate area”, since most of it covers territory in various baronies.  There’s a little piece of unclaimed wilderness in the lower left corner, so a bit of adventure (outside the dungeon) could be had.




Here’s the cropped piece of the original hex map as drawn in 1977 or thereabouts.




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53 minutes ago, RogaDanar said:

I love making maps. Those look great. Have you seen any of the map making resources online such as Inkarnate?


No, that’s a new one on me.  There is some impressive stuff on Inkarnate; I may have to create an account and see what I can do.  


For analog stuff, I’m drawing on How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps by Jared Blando.



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