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Year 5 in Review (Pic Heavy)


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Backlogs happen.  I beat myself up about mine, but it hasn’t really helped so far. (And this was year 50 for me…although I have only consistently tracked painting since 1995.)🙄 I was looking over my own year-end totals the other day, and I am similarly spreading efforts over a bunch of projects.  I painted figures in about seven this year, depending on how you would count three different batches of 25mm fantasy figures with different basing styles that are unlikely to appear in the same game.  

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52 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great work!

You've been busy!

Yeah looking over it all I'm really pleased with just how much I've painted for my Ghost Archipelago project. This is actually the first time I've seen that project laid out all together. Usually when I finish a figure or a batch it just goes into a storage container that has room.


Going forward I think I'm going to add a final group shot to all of my projects from now on. It's quite encouraging to see everything all spread out completely finished.

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