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Blue Ravens Mercenaries


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Two new mechs enter the ranks of the finished! 
First up we have a Mad cat. The Blue Ravens captured this mech during the Clan Invasion and turned it against its former masters. This is my first major stab at a multi color freehand on a single pattern. 

Next up we have a Black Knight. This is The Commanders ride before he gets the WarhammerIIC. It has a custom made gun on one arm.


thanks for looking!


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Another one bites the dust! This is a EMperor EMP-1A by Iron wind metals that has been modified into my custom  Emperor EMP-AC20. and it’s one mech I can’t wait to give a whirl in a game. So without further ado I present the Emperor!



and one action picture just for kicks.


thanks for looking!

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Finally made the time for the show off pictures. If you’ve been following my WIP thread you’ve seen these finished already. Hopefully these pictures though will do a better job of showing the miniatures. 
First up is the Mighty King crab. Nicknamed the Poseidon, it’s one of many mechs to be recovered from the star league facility.758CD7DC-F00A-4773-8E81-4E98E3317EA6.thumb.jpeg.97c8b35eaa2141512d6a93fac266108b.jpeg



Next up is the Black Knight. I added a knuckleduster to the left hand simply because it looked cool.




Then we have the Highlander. And yeah I want to try a highlander burial in game. 


Finally we have a Kintaro and a Catapult. These two have been 3d printed. 

And I can’t believe I forgot to add the catapult to the picture.



Thanks for looking!

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Great color scheme on these. I love the way you painted the smoke trails on the catapult's rockets. Some edge highlighting on the blue areas (with a slightly lighter blue) may help to create some more definition between the blue and black, but I don't think it's really necessary. The overall darkness works for this bunch.

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