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Dungeon 3D Classics - STL Miniatures (3th January on Kickstarter)


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We present to ZINDOC Miniatures our new publisher specialized in STL files in collaboration of Sinestesia 3D Studio
January 3, 2022 at 6 PM CEST on Kickstarter  


Dungeon 3D Classics brings a set of classic characters and scenery to your 3D printer, for you to use when playing board games, role-playing games, or just to increase your miniatures collection.

This campaign introduces the first 8 heroes, composed by barbarians, elves, dwarves and sorcerers, and 32 different scenery models to spice up your games. 

40 STL models for 29€


I wish you like the models for your 3D printers 🙂
and wish you a happy year 2022!


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29€ are far too expensive for this kind of models. This is comparable to a 10$ Patreon release, but I've seen several better sets for Heroquest. This would have been fine 3 years ago, but the quality of models for 3d printing has greatly increased in recent years. To be succesful, you need to either offer excellent quality, great pricing or offer something that's in demand but not already taken care of.

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This is a starter set and it will be a Kickstarter exclusive and it only has a single payment (not like a patreon), there will be no add-ons, we also hope to unlock SG that will make the price more competitive.
It will have a small objective and we want to test how it works, thank you for your opinion and comments.

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Most Patreons have more value in just one month, for $10.  

That second barbarian, is it male or female? The face looks decidedly male. 

The dwarves... No. 

you can find a lot of free minis at MMF and Thingiverse with the same quality as this. So why should anyone back these?   


If you really want to test how it works, create something a bit more unique, something that hasn't been done to death already. and please, no zombies or other undead. That's an even more crowded genre.   


Maybe some unique scenery?   

Someone ran a KS with Halflings recently, two factions, one 'industrialised' using a dragon, and the other faction those who refused the modern thinking. 




I don't think I've seem proper scenery like those 'Forest forts' anywhere. 

(If I could have backed for only the forest forts, I would have) 


That Kickstarter's level of uniqueness is what you need. Because there are lirerally hundreds of artists out there making generic heroes, and you need something to make yours stick out. 

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Thank you very much for your comments and help, I will remember this for the next campaign. It is a campaign like Starter set of STL of medieval fantasy and although it is a campaign a bit of test, to gain experience and modest, things have already been unlocked:





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