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The Big Fat Quiz Throughout the Year 2022


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For the last time, here is the answer post for the round's questions:


Question 360: What does a flower worn behind a woman's right ear mean in Hawaii?



That she is single and/or possibly looking for a love interest. Wearing the flower behind the left ear signifies the opposite, being married or unavailable. 1 point for a correct answer.



Question 361: Three of the top ten most performed ballets in the world by Tchaikovsky?



The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and The Sleeping Beauty. 1 point for any correct ballet, 3 points for two correct, 5 points for all three correct.


If you went for the bonus points, the #1 most performed ballet as of 2017 is The Nutcracker. If you got it correct, give yourself 5 points.



Question 362: Skopje is the capital of which Eastern European country?



North Macedonia (formerly known as Macedonia until February 2019). 1 point for either answer.


Answers for the bonus points are as follows for 2 points per correct answer (direction not needed):

NW: Kosovo

N: Serbia

E: Bulgaria

S: Greece

W: Albania



Question 363: What was New Zealand physicist Ernest Rutherford the first to uncover the structure of in the 1910's?



The structure of the atomic nucleus. Considered the father of nuclear physics, he theorized that atoms have their charge concentrated in a very small area (dubbed the nucleus), and experimented. 1 point for the correct answer:


For your bonus points query, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced on the 13th of December that on the 5th of December it had achieved nuclear fusion ignition with a favorable energy return. ~2 megajoules of energy went in, and a bit over 3 megajoules came out. Recall that earlier this year, the UK-based Joint European Torus also achieved fusion; however, while it produced 59 megajoules of energy, it required just over 58 megajoules to ignite, and damaged the reactor.


3 bonus points if you got that.



Question 364: Which planet has moons that are nearly all named after Shakespearean characters?



Uranus. The majority of moons are named for characters that appear in the works of William Shakespeare. Some names overlap with the bonus question poet. 1 point for the correct answer.


And the poet whose work Umbriel is named for is Alexander Pope, with the name coming from The Rape of the Lock (title context: not the sexual crime, but from the old Latin rapere meaning "to snatch, to grab, or carry off").


3 points for that bonus question.



Question 365: What did the world's first SMS text message say?



Merry Christmas. It was sent by Neil Papworth on a PC to the phone of his colleague Richard Jarvis, on the 3rd of December in 1992. And 30 years later all people seemingly do is communicate via text. 1 point for a correct answer.


And for your bonus question, give yourself 3 points if you knew that SMS stands for Short Message/Messaging Service.



Ok, let's do the point math. Six questions this week, with regular answers worth up to 10 points, and then we had bonus points worth up to 24 points. That's a potential 34 total points up for grabs.


Brings the total possible point value for this very long quiz to 401 points.


Thank you for playing to those who did, it has been a pleasure to be your poor-man's Alex Trebek (RIP good sir). Tally up your scores and see where you stand. Regardless of the amount you get you are a winner for daring to test yourself and learn.


Happy New Year/New Year's Eve!

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