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1/72 Magic User/Adventurers for Hordes of the Things etc.: 2021’s Last Stand

Rob Dean

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11 hours ago, TGP said:

You should get a figure the same size as Sir Forscale to be a Giant for this army. If it can have a giant. [?]


In short, yes.  Sir Forescale would be a rather more civilized giant than I would be prone to use, but the basic idea is sound.  I currently am using some Bones in the project; these ghasts being trolls, for example:




Bones Saprolings serve in various capacities as well.  A few years back, I was collaborating with my friend Ross Macfarlane from Nova Scotia on a 6 player Dragon Rampant game for Huzzah, in Portland, Maine, and he decided to implement that idea, except using old 40mm Elastolin figures. (The link to his blog goes directly to a teaser for an upcoming all-Ealstolin game, btw.)




As for whether an army can have a giant, I’m mostly using these figures with Hordes of the Things and Dragon Rampant.  Both sets of rules are pretty “army list agnostic” as well as being “miniatures agnostic”, so anything goes.  


6 hours ago, Dr.Bedlam said:

Never actually played HOTT, but I've seen it done. Looks like a hoot. Splendid work!


I’ve been playing HotT since it was first released, which is, hmm, about 30 years now.  (The introduction is dated October ‘91, but it probably took a few months after that for a copy to find its way across the pond, so likely early ‘92…) I wouldn’t want it to be my only game, but it has more or less become the family default miniatures game, and we all enjoy it a lot. My older son was just recently adding a few stands to his collection, and I hope to get together with him in the next couple of weeks to give the new units an opportunity to be tested. Our most recent game was in August, in conjunction with a scenery building day, when he proposed that we try an idea he had for a Battle of the Five Armies scenario:




(Just as an aside, as best I can reconstruct it, we started building 1/72 scale HotT armies relatively recently. It was probably 2010, to correspond with the initial release of some purpose-manufactured fantasy figures, and got a considerable boost by the year it took my son to get a job after graduation, since he was painting as a stress reliever.  Before that, we usually used to play HotT with the even more eccentric 6mm fantasy figures from Irregular Miniatures…)

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