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2022 Painting during the Pandemic (New Year's New Games New Goals)

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On 1/2/2022 at 1:02 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things, although being out of it for over a month due to an injury sure left a whirlwind trail of things to clean up...  So let's go with this for the month... 


- Paint something (sleeping Eevee, sitting Eevee, Queen of Hell, etc) 

- Finish building my Master Grade Sazabi

- Work on the Zaku 1 Sniper conversion

- Get resin printer started, and actually printing something

- Progress on my Voron Trident 300 (at time of writing, waiting on printed parts to arrive) 

- Organize my STL files

I didn't really paint anything, since a wound up pretty much losing a full weekend in January (yaaaaay, inventory), but the main frame for Sazabi is assembled and I've started on the backpack... 



Resin printer has been steadily printing things on weekends that aren't twenty below (kind of difficult to keep windows open for such - there are plans on build the Nevermore Resin once the Trident is up and running).  I've printed a number of things, and have had to deal with two different failures so far. 


STL files were organized! 


As for the Voron Trident, yup, it's seen a fair bit of work and as of this post I'm starting to work on the electronics (although will be going back to the toolhead for some work once the screws for my hot end come in).  I'm on mobile at the moment, but I'll add in a pic of the Trident once I get back to my desk. 

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Last month I mentioned my sci-fi collection was going to be on the back burner for a while.


I think we all knew that was a lie.


Got a number of things from Khurasan and CP; especially stoked about the wasp aliens and some goofy Terror Bird aliens. Also plan to finish up some HO scale terrain and repurpose a newsstand into a noodle kiosk. 

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January goals:

Finish 3 Mouselings and Snowman - done

8 zombie walkers - done

18 zombie runners - done

16 zombie walkers - deferred to February

18 zombie fatties - deferred to February


1 Infinity - sold


50 ASOIAF added

26 Effigy gnomes added


Net: +46


See what I mean? Flexible. Life got wackier than normal for the 2nd half of January. No way to predict it. Roll with the punches.


February goals:

4 Z:BP Gipi guest artist box survivors - done

16 zombie walkers

4 Z: BP Neal Adams guest artist box survivors

18 zombie fatties

6 Z:BP survivors, the original 6 in basic game

Sell a bunch....



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The Year is over!   

How did you do on last years goals??? 



On 1/1/2022 at 8:22 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Yearly goals: 

Write More.  - YES   first book is 75k words, and more than half edited, but currently stalled. 

10+ trio projects for the RCL -   YES 

Nativity Diorama -   YES  

3 Large Dragons. -  TWO 

1 bust  - NO 

4+ per month figures from the Bones V Core set.   YES 61 from core. 


Some RCL - but  in a less  obsessive way.  - YES 


And Best of all -  I Won a Trophy at ReaperCon.   there was a happy dance.  

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