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Jasper Episode MMXXII: A Star Wars Legion WIP III - The Empire Strikes Back!

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It has been a dark time for the Galactic Empire.
Strong meta for the other factions have lead to few victories,
and the faith of many Imperial commanders had been tested.
But now, when all seemed lost, and new RRG has emerged. 
Unit costs have decreased.
Changes have breathed new life into nearly abandoned Imperial troops. 
And leading the way, mighty Lord Vader's Sith training has made him even more powerful and devastating. 
Now is the time, for the Empire to strike back!!


So, a new year, and a new Star Wars Legion painting WIP.

Last year started strong but then I almost completely stopped painting for quite a while. Instead I focused on getting a bunch of units assembled, as I was playing fairly regularly. My back going to crap probably had some impact on my painting too, all those meds aren't helping with my focus or energy levels.
Regardless, I've finally felt like painting again the last week or so.  So I'm going to go with it and hope to settle in to a schedule where I'm getting a few hours of painting in a week.

My goals for this year are to get back to painting Empire forces, but also to finish up painting my CIS army.

For the CIS I still have to paint two more units of B1s, and base them and the 2 units I've just finished up in the old WIP.

Then there are 3 units of STAPs, 3 units of Droidekas. 3 Spider Droids.  3 boxes of Magnaguards.  3 boxes of Bx commandos.  A bunch of commanders and specialists.  Oh, and 2 snail tanks, and two AATs.......so a bit...also 1 more unit of B2s if they ever come in.

But, as soon as I get through the 2 units of B1s (they take up too much room on my desk to work on anything else at the same time) I'll start moving in some Imperial units to mix it up.  And get back to painting white......


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Nothing new done on the 5th and 6th units yet, but my sealing of the previous units went well.  I was more than a bit worried as it was 4C and raining when I did them, but no frosting or anything happened.


I'm calling them finished, since I can play with them as is.  They (well, not the tank commanders) will get their sand and such when the other two units are done, so I only make one mess instead of two.....

Will probably tackle some guns now.  My back decided to have some issues yesterday, so I'm trying to take it easy on it today.

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Did a few short sessions this week (my shoulder hasn't been great) to do the black on the last unit and clean up around the black on the last two units.



Got them finished before going out to snowblow the foot+ of snow we got yesterday, as I expect my shoulder will be shot by the time that is done....
Maybe tomorrow I can get them covered with Contrast Skeleton Horde.


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Found a little time so base coat on bases done.



So basically done.  They'll go on a tray until I can seal them, then they are playable.  Will do a basing batch once I get a few more things done and have a weekend I can have the time to get it all done and the mess cleaned up.


Up next I really should finish the STAP riders, so I can actually play them.


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Started back on the STAP riders....


So the first two riders I glued the handlebars to the riders.....that worked ok for the guy with two hands on his handlebars (safety first!) but the commander (shaking a fist in the classic "Curse you Kenobi!" fashion) kind of fell apart during the minimal handling needed to paint the foot controllers/pads......   so the handlebar is now attached to the vehicle and the arm will get reattached....sometime, probably when the riders get mounted.

This things are fiddly little pains in the .... which is why they aren't done yet.  But they are pretty good in the game so I'll keep persevering.

The first bike got more or less sorted on colours.  I'm using the Speeder Bike Brown from the Legion specific paint kits (done by Army Painter).  It isn't a super great paint, coming out too thick and then not giving great coverage when thinned....but I'll stick with it.  For the blackish parts, I decided to try the Black Templar Contrast over the brown primer to see how it looked.  Not bad, sort of like a non-shiny metal with some brass or bronze to it.  Think I'll keep it like that, as I'm still trying to stick to fairly simple paint jobs for the Droids.

Might get some more done today, we'll see how it goes....


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I managed to get those two units of B1s sprayed with AP Matt Varnish last night (did the smell of AP Matt change recently?  I'm sure the old cans had a different smell.  Going to have to compare, as I have two almost empty cans of the old left....).

Didn't get any frosting even though it was only 4C and raining at the time. My "technique" of only having the figs and spray can out in the garage for a minute or two at a time seems to be working....


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Finally got back to painting. We've been having a fair amount of snow this year, which means I'm using the snow blower a fair bit.  Which doesn't make my back overly happy, so not a lot of painting going on.

Today we're in the middle of a blizzard so no sense in snow blowing until tomorrow.....


Mostly working on the browns on the STAPs (Single Trooper Aerial Platform, apparently...) with a couple of base coats, a wash and a start on lightening some areas done so far.  The B1s also got some touch ups and a bit of a drybrush.

And I slapped a bit of grey primer on the bases, since they didn't get sprayed when everything else did.

Hopefully get some more done later.


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Well, excessive snow blowing has been doing a number on my back, so I didn't get anymore done until yesterday.  But then there was more snow blowing (every freaking weekend this year we've had a storm) which pretty much killed my back again.

I did get back to finish cementing up the first two STAPS.


The riders just need a once over to see if I missed anything, and then a coat of sealer.

The bases are just basecoated for now.  As I've said, I'll do a bunch of bases at once since it'll make a bit of a mess.


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