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It's January! That means a new year and new challenges for the challenge league.


So January's minis are as follows:


  • Themes - Fresh Start, Good Luck: Enrieth, Female Harefolk Rogue (30012)
  • Limited Palette - blue, green, yellow: Dire Grouper (BV Dk.Dp. | 601)
    • Plasma Blue, Peacock Green, Callistria Yellow
  • Player Character: Garrick the Bold (77008)
  • Monster: Owlbear (BV Dun.Dw. | 301)
  • Duo's: Elanter the Lost Prince (30006)
  • Trio's: Damras Deveril, Wizard (30007)
  • New Release: Gingerbread Knight (30033)
  • Freebie: Pyram the Pincher, d4 (77646)


Now for Quarterly minis:


  • Large Freebie: Fungal Queen (44050)
  • Seasonal Themed: Valentines Mousling (03557)
  • Large Model: Cloud Giantess (BV GO | 515)
  • Moderator's Choice: (NOT YET ANNOUNCED???)
  • Terrain/Bust: Dragon Bust (BV AO)
  • Large Group 4+: PeopleSea Dragon (BV Dk.Dp. | 634)
  • Diorama: Axolotl Adventures
  • Pop-Up Challenge: Lucky Color: TBD
  • Pop-Up Challenge: Hero & Monster: TBD
  • Pop-Up Challenge: Nemesis: TBD


Lots to do and decide on still. I am starting to prime them as necessary. The only category I don't have listed is the Heavy Mod/ Conversion because I never get that one done anyway.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Working on 3 for this month's RCL. I got a commission that will take up quite some time. Sea dragon is still where it was when I last posted. I'm doing Grubb from the Bones USA set of Chop and Grubb.




I am also working on the female plague doctor from Dungeon Dwellers expansion. I'm painting both of them up Spy vs. Spy style. This is the white one...or will be white.







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