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It's January! That means a new year and new challenges for the challenge league.


So January's minis are as follows:


  • Themes - Fresh Start, Good Luck: Enrieth, Female Harefolk Rogue (30012)
  • Limited Palette - blue, green, yellow: Dire Grouper (BV Dk.Dp. | 601)
    • Plasma Blue, Peacock Green, Callistria Yellow
  • Player Character: Garrick the Bold (77008)
  • Monster: Owlbear (BV Dun.Dw. | 301)
  • Duo's: Elanter the Lost Prince (30006)
  • Trio's: Damras Deveril, Wizard (30007)
  • New Release: Gingerbread Knight (30033)
  • Freebie: Pyram the Pincher, d4 (77646)


Now for Quarterly minis:


  • Large Freebie: Fungal Queen (44050)
  • Seasonal Themed: Valentines Mousling (03557)
  • Large Model: Cloud Giantess (BV GO | 515)
  • Moderator's Choice: (NOT YET ANNOUNCED???)
  • Terrain/Bust: Dragon Bust (BV AO)
  • Large Group 4+: PeopleSea Dragon (BV Dk.Dp. | 634)
  • Diorama: Axolotl Adventures
  • Pop-Up Challenge: Lucky Color: TBD
  • Pop-Up Challenge: Hero & Monster: TBD
  • Pop-Up Challenge: Nemesis: TBD


Lots to do and decide on still. I am starting to prime them as necessary. The only category I don't have listed is the Heavy Mod/ Conversion because I never get that one done anyway.

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Working on 3 for this month's RCL. I got a commission that will take up quite some time. Sea dragon is still where it was when I last posted. I'm doing Grubb from the Bones USA set of Chop and Grubb.




I am also working on the female plague doctor from Dungeon Dwellers expansion. I'm painting both of them up Spy vs. Spy style. This is the white one...or will be white.







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    • By Darcstaar
      Here is the first work of the June figs.  It’s some impish helper from Bones I Familiar pack.  Done with basecoats.
    • By Darcstaar
      I already finished terrain for Q2.  I had started the Strumpet.  Categories I’m working on:
      Large Group: Townsfolk Strumpet
      Large Figure: Cave Spider
      Theme April Showers: Deep Dweller with an acrylic resin on part of the base to look wet.
      Pop Up: 3 townsfolk
      Pop Up: Gothic Ritual: Torture equipment with blood spatter.
      Seasonal: Petey for Deep Dish Pizza Day
      Heavy Mod: Tree of Despair victim: want to reposition head, ropes, spread legs, gouge out middle and sculpt intestines to look like his torturers eviscerated him.
    • By SparrowMarie
      I received this bust for Valentine's Day of this year. I have been so busy I have not had a chance to sit down and start it. I've decided that now that I'm done with my commission I'm going to take a break and work on something for me that should, hopefully, be relaxing. I was going to save this until I "get better." If anything this hobby has taught me one of the big things is to just go for it so that's what I'm doing.
      The bust is Dziewanna from Ignis Art. She is gorgeous. The quality of the resin is top notch and looks like it doesn't need much if any clean up. I /want/ to figure out how to attach a bow string but I'm not sure how I'll do that off hand. I also have a plinth for her that I'm not totally sure how to go about attaching her to.

    • By Darcstaar
      So, I have had a good experience with RCL this year.  I came into it late in January, and have already cleared 31 minis.  That is almost twice my usual yearly production.  Then I thought I knocked it out of the park last year with 50.  If I continue this pace I hope to finish 100+ minis this year.  My motivation is to plow through Bones I Kickstarter minis.  Because I have all my B3/4/5 minis waiting, and just added my pledged Bones 6 stuff to the list!
      Not including my Quarterlies, here is my planning list for May.  Points listed to the left.
      10 Trio Galladon
      7 Duo Anval Half Orc Fighter.
      5 New Release Old Kobold
      4 Theme Scales/Claws - owlbear?
      4 Limited Palette - purple, brown, blue-Mummy
      3 Monster - Kobold Metal
      3 PC - Almaran
      1 Freebie-? Ral Partha Kobold
    • By Evilhalfling
      Nemesis : sometimes you make your own 
      "come on Rocky, it's time to go."
      "Please?  it took me all morning to get you loaded up, thanks for the cooperation btw."
      "Look this was supposed to be *Animal Friendship* not *Animal follows me around and eats my stuff when im not looking.-ship*.  Also we are NOT telling anyone what you did to the goodberries."

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