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Short stature and short tempered. Crypt King dwarf #1


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Here's my first one of this set.  Came out decent.  I saw someone on Instagram do theirs and i really got inspired. 




Battle Report! 



*Using the color wheel again for the win.  Blue orange, red.  Fun. 

*Shiney jewel on bracer came out nice. 

*  hair is good (but also could be better) 

* blue leather tunic layered up well.  Noticed that feathering works better for me than just swiping.

*eyes are solid. 

*attempted adding more scratches and detail to the axe head. 

*axe wood effect worked nicely. 



*  don't like the transition in the boots.

* struggled a lot with the skin. 

*hair and fingers are too close in color and kind of blend.  

*still need to figure out how to highlight hair on curves and catch light. 

*axe head two tone metal does not look good. 









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    • By TheOldGuard
      Here is my War Mammoth from Bones V.
      This took me what seems like an eternity to complete (I think I started it in winter 2021...). Being a big beasty, I had endless problems with paint rubbing off because I had to handle him a lot (and also, I opted not to prime him...🤦‍♂️) so I was forever doing retouches. I also should have probably painted him in sub-assemblies. Anyway, here he is, ready to stomp, crash & paaaarp!














      Thanks for looking!
    • By Grand Slam
      I've been working on this guy for the better part of a month and just finished him tonight. He was a blast to paint, and I'm pretty happy with the finished product. The green wrappings could have probably used some more intense highlighting, but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.
      Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the vultures (I put them off until the very last phase of painting). But, one I got some paint in them, they grew on me.

    • By R2ED
      I haven't posted a piece in the showoff area in a long while.  I mostly put my work in that paint club group, but this one was special and i wanted to share. 
      I had this figure staring at me and didn't have a theme in my mind.  Then it hit me that she for perfectly for this conflict in Ukraine.  She's holding her sword up as if the last line of defense.  I created the small base with the fallen shield representing the broken boundaries and fallen defenders.  But atop her hill that represents her country, she calls for aid and stands strong.  May they all stand strong. 
      Lady Vigilance and her call to arms. 



    • By Evilhalfling
      From first sight I knew I wanted this dragon to be black.  Since it only came transparent, that just meant  a good basecoat. 
      this took a long time with brown liner. 
      huge dragons are huge 
      I left the wing membranes clear maybe I will tint them purple or green, 

      Day 2-3 
      Four layers of paint on belly scales, even though much of it will be hidden by wings . 
      now I have decided it needs tail stripes, for visual interest.  Horns look best as bone triad. 
      not sure about fin - this doesn’t wrk… 
      last picture is a weirdly  sculpted cut - painted brightly for photo. Doesn’t matter as will be hidden under wing. Repainted it black, so I can ignore it. 

    • By Grand Slam
      Golem-palooza continues! I know this guy has been around for a while, but I first got him with the Bones 5 core set. I see a lot of people paint the clothes a different color, and that's definitely a good way to make him more visually striking. But I wanted to go for the "statue come to life" look. The only real pops of color were the color shift blue I used in the eyes (to make him look more magically animated) and bits of light blue in the dry brushing (I didn't go too heavy with it and it doesn't really show up in the pictures). Overall, though, I'm happy with him. Any feedback welcome, as usual.

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