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Warbands of the Cold North VI by Tre Manor


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Warbands of the Cold North VI




A new effort to produce a set of 28 mm scale miniature warriors by Red Box Games. Our goal is to fund the production of a small selection of all new figures. The theme of the miniatures is Norse fantasy warriors, woodsmen and wizards.  All figures produced in this kickstarter will be produced in high quality lead free white metal and will be supplied with 1 25 mm round plastic base.


These figures WILL NOT be made available as STLs and will only be sold as physical products. Post kickstarter the prices will revert to the usual pricing structure and the figures will only be sold on an individual basis ( i.e. no group SKUs )


All figures produced in this kickstarter are to be cast in high quality lead free white metal miniatures by a very well established and highly acclaimed contract metal casting firm with a decades long history of delivering very high quality castings to a wide variety of many very well known miniature lines. Production is to be completed in a very timely manner but adjustment may need to be made. We have taken steps to make sure that all figures are already ready to be produced and some figures ARE currently being produced to reduce the time between funding and delivery but as the kickstarter funds allow I do intend to add more figures to the offering being funded without getting too carried away




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Yeah, I’m glad Tre is back! Looks like he’s back in MS, too. I wonder if he’s actually had any of the digital sculpts crossed over and made into physical sculpts. I know that there’s sometimes issues with that. 

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Has he gotten help with his eyesight? 

(Really hope so)   


There's mention of a possible 5 minis pledge level to appear soon. And possibly a few more females. 

(I'll wait a day or two for the pledge level. )


Going to Check his website tonight, to see if he's got something new there.  


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36 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Has he gotten help with his eyesight? 

He has worked on his Zbrush skills according to his facebook. This should be a lot better for his eyes. 


Glad he had such a rush of motivation, I figure it's because the "final" sale was such a success. Hoping to see more elves of his in the future. I love those. My favorite elves. Nordmen are fine too I guess 🙂

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