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Bones 5 Learn To Paint Kit


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Some questions about the Bones 5 Learn To Paint Kit:


1. The box says the figures in it are Bones, but those figures were all Bones Black in the Kickstarter. So is that a typo?


2. Is there any new information in here that wasn’t in the previous kits or is it just a repeat of those lessons?



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The figures are the same as those provided in the Kickstarter, Bones Black.


The information about taking care of materials and the technique explanation is largely the same as in the Core Skills kit. The materials info is updated to distinguish between the different kinds of Bones plastic, and I'm hopeful that this updated information will be included in future print runs of the regular kits.


The main technique demo/practice figure allowed me to introduce a little colour variation detailing in the final step that is not in either of the two regularly available kits. 


There is a LOT more colour mixing in the B5 kit. With Core Skills and Layer Up, I chose paints specifically to work on the three miniatures I selected for the kits with an aim to keep things simple for mixing and such. Together the two kits do make a sort of mega starting set of paint colours and brushes, but my aim when making choices for those kits was the instructions first - what would be easiest to explain and execute as projects.


The B5 kit has a lot more figures in it, so the paints were chosen more as a selection of a solid starting set of colours. You can't mix every colour ever with the included paints, but you can mix quite a few. So if you paint through the instructions for the included figures you'll be told ways to make khaki or natural greens even if all you have is bright yellow, green, and black, and a variety of other colours and colour schemes. There's not a lot of explicit information about colour, but if you're a learn by doing person you'll learn more about mixing and using colour working through the projects in this kit than in the others, since that was not a focus for me with those kits.


I think the method I used for doing the finer details like belt buckles and necklaces and stuff is a little different in this kit.


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