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Rampart - budget-friendly Wargaming Terrain


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5 hours ago, R2ED said:

@Auberonmy over packed shelves said ouch.  My hobby area said ouch.  My postal guy said ouch.  


Things we learned today:

  • You need to buy more shelves.
  • You're next home improvement project involves knocking out a wall in order to expand your hobby room. Alternatively, you don't REALLY need a living room to live.
  • Your postal guy needs to start a resistance training program.

Next problem to solve? 😁

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Pledge manager is about to close.  Shipping is beginning early! WHoo!  I thought I'd have to wait until next year to get my cool sci-fi terrain.  I just added $80 worth of add ons to my pledge. 


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Rampart 3 will begin shipping the 3rd week of July, which is 6 months early. 

They will be reopening the Rampart 3 PM in August/September. (I’ve seen bits of info from various locations; part of why they closed it early was due to warehouse storage space, and they’ll reopen it after they clear out the D&L3 and Rampart 3 shipments.) The CEO also said something (on today’s live stream) to the effect of that closing it when they did allowed them to secure current (July) shipping rates. Given rising fuel costs, I imagine that saved them a ton of money, and I’ve got no issue with them tackling that elephant the way they have.

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