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Darcstaar vs. BONES I: Ep. 19; Large Earth Elemental


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Here’s the first new project of 2022.  I looked through the forums and saw a few versions of this based on the Redstone Triad.  I will try that.  I put a few pieces of cobblestone sheet styrene on the base, then flocked with sand.  I hope it will look like fragments of an old road when I’m done.

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I feel like he just had eye sockets.  I thought the original sculpt has “eyebrows” and “cheeks” but no eyes.  I glued on some small sand grains to act as eyes.



Painted “3 mi” with an arrow on the mile marker.  Added Weathered Stone and HD Solid White for final rock accents.

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    • By Annie
      Hi chums!
      This is the latest Kickstarter project, expanding our fantasy range this time, and bringing light to the ones we have that might not have been noticed. Along with some super cool female minis, we have some brand new scenics too, and a whole bunch of add on bundles.
      I'll post more on the lead up, but for now if you're interested, could you click the "notify me" on the pre launch page and it will help the algorithms, and you know algorithms are the new gods!


    • By Rob Dean
      December was an interesting month.  I was apparently painting early in the month to avoid getting to my Christmas/holiday baking, and got a bunch of vintage vintage Minifig Tolkien figures done for some more retro-wargaming.  Eventually the baking bug caught up and I got a reasonable amount of baking accomplished, after which it was time to pack up and drive to Michigan for some family time.  I usually take some sort of hobby project with me, since I’m often up an hour or more before anyone else in the family.  While I took painting this year, I ended up working on some fantasy maps for gaming (This, and this).  
      Getting home involved some resting, but, by yesterday I was ready to paint again.  My desk had been cleared off and all the surplus paint packed away and struck to the basement again, so I didn’t have anyhting in particular in progress.  I decided to shake out the travel paint kit in a bid to see if I could get something else done and logged before the end of the month/year.
      My son has recently been adding a few things to his Hordes of the Things collection, and my travel paint box of miniatures had a couple of adventuring types, so that’s what I did.  I probably have enough fantasy/medieval individuals in my Portable Fantasy Game kit at the moment.  I started with the partially finished axeman, and then did the magic user.  She started off as a Caesar Miniatures elf, but I trimmed her cat ears to deploy her as a human. That took me to lunch time.  I wanted one more bodyguard for stand balance, so I grabbed an archer, glued it to a wine cork, ate lunch, and came back to prime it.  I let the primer dry while I took a nap, then speed painted that figure.  I played some Kingdom Builder on Board Games Arena with my sons while that dried, and then put some brush varnish on, and assembled the base while that was barely dry around supper time.  I comfortably let everything dry/set for a couple of hours and put the final spray varnish on around 9:00PM.



      So, there you go, 2021’s last stand.  Both bodyguards, by the way, are from a Strelets set (006, Army of Henry V).
      If the running total in my log is correct, that takes me to 163 figures for the year, which is about where I was last year, but rather short of my son’s logged 368 figures.
    • By Darcstaar
      Time for the next in line for Bones I.
      Aina, Female Valkyrie.  I will paint the metal version concurrently.  I already pinned the weapon hand on the metal version, and pinned the arm for the shield.  I’ll apply the shield later.  The Bones version still has a ton of detail, so I suspect these will take a while.  Planning Red/Gold for metal version (her shield is a little Romanesque), and Blue/White for the Bones version.

    • By ced1106
      "This is a board game version of the classic skirmish game and aims to give the same feeling as the original, while making it more accessible and “ready to pick and play”. Choose your agenda between the Protectors and the Destroyers, lead your units into the city and hunt down your opponent, wreaking havoc in all that stand in your way!"
      MonPoc's been through two versions. First, a prepainted collectile mini's game, then a metal one. This unpainted plastic KS is compatible with the second version. The pitch is that it's less expensive than the metal version (and there's no blind purchasing), but it's still gonna be expensive, especially if you go all-in. You play with only two monsters per game, so, imo, the core set and SG's should keep most casual players satisfied. Although the game has multiple factions, you can play the "good" ones together, and the "bad" ones together. Core game is for two players (1v1, solo, coop). Battle Royale is for 3-4 players, and adds Apex monsters as enemies for coop, or bigger monsters for regular play. With this being day three, one dual-faction add-on has been revealed.
      Game rules are based on the existing Privateer Press Monster Apocalypse v.2 rules. KS is run by Mythic Games. (Better than the reverse, imo!) I assume plastics are made in China, which has had some economic instability, energy shortages, supply chain issues, and shipping issues. The game won't be delivered for at least a year, so obviously today's shipping issues may not affect delivery. But, speaking of shipping, the core box *is* large, and shipping starts at $35. I'd expect to pay more.
      Other kaiju boardgames exist, including an officially licensed Godzilla one. Mythic has not said if this game will be available retail. I wouldn't be surprised if the discounts expected by distributors make this and other high-end KS games difficult for retail. Also, the high MSRP may keep FLGS customers from picking up the game (much easier to sell $150 of Magic cards than a $150 boardgame, imo).

      Three days into the campaign, and they've unlocked about half as many monsters as in the core box!


    • By KevvyR
      Hi all, just thought I'd share a couple images of my first Reaper mini painted up. It definitely seemed strange not priming something before getting started (typically print my own lately in resin, so have to prime those), but I wanted to try one of the Reaper products.
      I am by no means a pro, but each mini seems to get a bit better - constructive criticism welcome - I know I need to get a better photo setup sometime - maybe when the basement reno is done 🙂
      Next up is Boerogg Blackrime the Frost Giant...I love doing monsters so they're on-hand when needed for our D&D campaigns 🙂

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