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Gencon Indy Pix 200+


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How did you get such great pictures, Paint? I took pictures of a lot of the same things, but had a lot of problems with stuff in display cases - blurry if there was movement in the background or the case was backed by a mirror, or much darker than yours for the contest entries. I've got a Nikon Coolpix 4300, which I thought was a decent camera. If you have any tips you could pass along, that'd be great, I'd like the photos I take next year to turn out better. :->


I plan on posting the less crummy of my pix as soon as I figure out online gallery software and such. You're right, GenCon is great fun, it's worth a little scrimping and saving to go!

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About the Pictures in cases and of minis.


I figured out a trick. I set my camera to macro. Then used the flash on the camera. Here is the trick. I cupped my hand over the flash as to force the flack to bounce off my hand and back to the mini. Kind of covering the flash only half way. I also set my camera to auto everything and they turned out this way. It kinda kicks butt that it worked I love all my pictures.


I have several more that I took but the mini owners/ booth asked me not to put up on web sites.


Hope that helped.



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