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Hercules Drop Ships


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We ran a CAV scenario that used these two dropships.


It took me about 2 weeks worth of evening TV time to get them constructed. The high humidity hurt the paint jobs, the blue one is still tacky. ::(: I'll tackle it in a few weeks when the weather mellows out. I skipped the dullcote for that reason too.


The grey is the Alpha model, I followed the directions to the letter, except I grabbed the wrong size tubing for the hinges. They work, but I prefer the modifications I made in the Blue, the Beta Model.








Something I liked and wish to share, I used silk pins (sewing straight pins) as rivets on both ships to not only look cool, but to hold some higher impact parts together. I started using them to hold the parts together while the glue dried and they just were so nifty. ::): I put door knobs on all bay doors out of straight pins as well.


the third model, mine, is sitting on the work desk upstairs. She'll be green and a bit more Mitso-Tao-esque in her lines. The Grey I gave to the teen and hubby gets the blue.


cher :blush:

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they did survive nicely. but these pics were actually taken before the trip. Can you guess life has been crazy?


I inherited a pair of large hard side, not rolling suitcases. The smaller held the pair, wrapped in bubble wrap, and gave them that extra protection forom the baggage handlers.



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....and LED landing Lights. OOOhh, and a search light, and Definitely something in the Radio Controlled Department so that they land themselves.... and.......




Those Look Awesome Cher!! :wub:

I have built one( Gave it to Chaos, so he will have to post a Pic after Paint) and can appreciate the time to build....... :ph34r:


And Check out the Props on the other board!



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