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This is what my paint table looks like after it hasn't been cleaned for a month. Pretty bad huh? The table doubles as a display, and I have some tupperware drawers. It's been placed over a nice wood drawer for storage too. I'm very happy with it, and oddly I do my best work when it's in the worst condition, I guess because I'm getitng really into it.



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i've got a circa 1960 kitchen table in a corner of the basement. painting rack ala a hobby shop, two lights clamped to either side of my office chair, a third light in front of me and of course scads of containers with bits and pieces for bases etc. also, a glass square to use as a mixing area.

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I just finished setting up my new hobby room after our recent move. Pics and commentary here http://scsminimadness.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-hobby-room.html


Don't expect it to be this clean after a few days.


I'm totally jealous. It is so tidy and clean. I'll make sure my wife doesn't see your blog. Alas, my room is unfinished but I think it will be ready to go in about a month. I still need a nice miniature cabinet and to put up some shelves. I don't have a bathroom, but I have crushed leather furniture and a stereo that can turn vinyl into cd's.

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Thought i would add some pics of my own work area. I have a allot of minis sitting around in my room as you can see.


My work desk and book case



Dragons and Monsterpocalypse minis



For some reason i tend to get allot of fire themed minis in my booster packs.... so here they all are



Minis and books



My signed RA Salavtore books and Drizzt miniatures



Deamons and RPG books (plus army of darkness signed by Bruce Campbell - HE ROCKS!)


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I'm new to the miniature painting, so this weekend I decided I had had enough with the craft work on the kitchen table all the time. I don't have much space but managed to make some for a new area.


Before Pictures:


The kitchen table. Its even worse because I slapped together a cute little paint brush holder. Its the blue thing behind the lamp. For $3 of materials and other bits scavenged from arond the house, it came out pretty darn well. There is a distant blurry view of it in the final photo.



The corner to convert - yes, I am a horder. The bookshelf had to go so there is even more stuff lying around the place now.



The AU$40 Cheap as Chips desk assembled. I had to go a long way to get this, and discovered an awesome hobby store nearby. Too bad its so far away.



Covering my cheap desk with cheap disposable tablecloth, with blue-tac on the sides and underneath to hold it in place. I would like some thicker plastic to cover it, but this is good for now, and can easily be pulled off and replaced.



The semi-finished space. Still needs some decent organisation. It already looks kind of messy and I hadn't even done anything yet. Luckily that gigantic present on the shelf will be gone next weekend and I need a hole cut in that rug, otherwise the desk wobbles. Hey, it was super cheap.




I really enjoy looking at other people's spaces. Hoping for more to come!

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I hate resurrecting an old thread, but I guess a man's gotta do...


Anyway, so my wife kicked me out of my hobby area when the new baby was born, and what once was my mini-mecca has become storage space, and will eventually be a walk in closet. I spent about a week putting the thing together, several years ago, and I pretty much stuffed everything that I could want (and afford) into the room. What once was this:






Is now stuffed to the rafters with boxes, furniture, and giant Tupperware containers full of baby paraphernalia.


The good news, however, is that I was told I could move my desk to the basement... I don't think my wife expected me to do as much work on it as I did. I basically finished a corner of the basement for my new hide-away. A week, several 2x4s, an old coffee table, and lots of elbow grease later and I think I came up with something that at least rivals the old space:








It's nice, because my painting area's now right next to where we game. The only complaint I have is that now it looks like I have even MORE unpainted lead on the shelves.

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Wow! I saw this thread and started looking through it from the beginning. I kept thinking “Wow! I sure am glad someone resurrected this thread! It inspires me to get my own space set up correctly for some serious painting!”


Then I get to the end and ThePolo apologizes for “resurrecting on old thread”.


I say “Good Job!”



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Now that's a nice painting area, ThePolo! I'm jealous. I'd post pictures of mine, except... I don't have one. Everything, but everything, is in drawers or boxes or on top or under things.



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Here's my workspace in 2008:



Since then I've noticed I tend to go places to paint, and I get claustrophobic if I'm buttoned up in the office for too many months (yes, months) at a time. My painting has become much more mobile - paint case, working space on the detachable lid, minis and supplies in a pistol case, and two lights - it all fits in a little gardening bag when I want to go to the game store or in-laws' to paint:



Now, the shelves of completed minis (9) and arctic-camo figures (2)...that's another matter.

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Hey, I can play:






Notice the thoroughly halfassed "light box" and the depressing lack of proper lighting. On the other hand, storing my brushes point-down with blu-tac on the side of the "light box" is working far better than I'd hoped.


Update: Got sick of the old box-o-paints and built a paint shelf stack out of foamcore.




I'm probably going to have to add another shelf underneath, because I'm probably going to buy more paints. ::):

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