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This is my work. I work for a company the develops heart monitors and ventilators. My job is to test to make sure the work. I really don't have the time at home so most of my painting is at work during lunch or during down time. (I have allot of down time these days)


The object in front of the white foam is indeed a microscope. Work purposes I use it for sodering and examining circuit boards for various problems. Painting purposes I mainly use it for eyes. I also use it to determine what some of the detail is on some of the figs. Nice little tool it has a camera attachment as well.

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Okay... I happened to be up there taking some pictures of my most recent finished mini, so I snapped these off as well....

That's not my primary PC sitting there next to the paint shaker (great gift from the wife!) It's an older one I threw a TV tuner card in. That way I've got TV, FM, DVD, MP3s and the forums at my fingertips while I'm painting... heck, with the mini fridge I've got in the other corner, I hardly need to leave at all! (well... cept when the wife bellows)

I Bet you your wife hates doing your laundry ::P:

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Well, here's where saintrigger and I paint.... it's a spare room we've set up as a studio. Eeegads we have a lot of paint! We both paint at the desk. Rigger has covereted the closet to storage shelving, and he's got his display case in here as well. We also have some display shelves in our living room and I have another desk downstairs I sometimes paint at.




Rigger's display case

closet storage

completed minis!

Rigger's silver skull

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