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Bones 5.5 Backer Update! 1/13


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You're receiving this email because you pledged to our extended BONES 5 Kickstarter.

We're calling this BONES 5.5.

Unlike updates for the original Bones 5 Kickstarter, we won't be publishing photos of production pieces.

There's no formal system of public updates available for this type of event, so we're going to use email.

This is the current status of Bones 5.5:

  • The system to place additional or new orders has been disabled.
  • Orders have been reviewed.
  • All purchase orders with the vendors we use in China have been placed.
  • Deposits ensuring the beginning of production have been made.
  • We've been told that production will commence before the start of Chinese New Year and will be completed after the
    Chinese New Year. For those not aware of how Chinese New Year works, the country closes all types of businesses for 4-6
    weeks. In the case of one of our vendors, their factory will be closed the last week of January and will reopen after
    the first week of March.
  • We expect updated shipping and production information after the end of Chinese New Year.
  • Our next email update will be in March.
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5.5 Update - 3


Greetings all,


I need to apologize first, as the last update was written and sent to be emailed and then lost in the works.


Where we left off was getting a shipping schedule together. Below you will find the actual reply messages we received from each of the two vendors concerning the production time frame.


Currently we are planning to take the shipments through the Panama Canal and unload in Houston Tx. This adds to the shipping charge but should allow faster transit to us once unloaded. 


Please understand that the Omicron surge currently ravaging China and Hong Kong is not over, and as with all things, times could slip.


Vendor 1 

Hi Ed and the Reaper team,


I trust you are all doing well, but the situation in China is getting worse due to the Omicron pandemic. In Dongguan, where over 50% of the world’s toys are produced and our factory is situated has been locked today to March 21, 2022. No production nor logistic activities are allowed and so we have no choice but to shut down our production. The labor shortage situation has been improving but this shutdown will derange our production planning’s. I hope we can resume production on March 22, but I really don’t know. Some orders will be delayed but we will do our best to keep the ship date we promised. We will do the best we can.

 I will update you as soon as I have more information. Thank you for your understanding. Take care!


(Vendor 1’s Production and shipment schedule is the same as Vendor 2’s schedule below.)


Vendor 2

Hi Ed, Hi Ron,

Hope this email finds you well.

Here are the estimated timelines for the two projects for reference:

Bones 5 reorder: 

Mass production: March 22nd--May 10th

     Assembly:        April 25th--May 20th

    Inspection:       May 10th--May 30th

      Packing:         May 30th--June 30th

I want to thank all of you for your support. If you have a question, do not hesitate to email us. [email protected]

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