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Bones Pledge Manager 5.5 information and discussion thread


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1 hour ago, supervike said:

Has there been any official word from Reaper on this?  Just curious, haven't seen an update for a while.

It was mentioned on Reaper Live this evening. Do you know how to check the VOD s on TwitchTV?

The second container turned up the day before the convention and they simply stored it for the duration of the event.

They have now cracked open the second container. They have been sorting through the contents (including restocks of items unrelated to 5.5). I got the idea that outgoing 5.5 orders will begin getting mailed out within 10-14 days. There was no estimate of how long it will take to work through all 5.5 shipments. 

Check the VOD to hear it first hand. 

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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

On Reaper Live tonight, they said that all U.S.A. orders that DO NOT include ships have been shipped.


Well, something's messed up then, because half my stuff hasn't shipped and I'm not waiting on a ship or one of the items they didn't get enough of. 



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