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Bones 6 pre-hype discussion


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For me Daimyo was pretty cool but, I don't use that much Oriental stuff in my games. I was a fan of Oriental Adventures back in the AD&D days, but I didn't own the book. I read it either when I was over at B. Walden books in anther town or I'd borrow a friends for lengthy periods. The dinos thou killed it for me. I think eventually I'll pick up the stuff if it ever comes to retail (minus the dinos). Same could be said for Chronoscope & Dungeon Dwellers. Now DD was a great set, excellent starter set for a DM/GM wanting to flesh out his standard fantasy mini collection & I'll pick up the dragon whenever it/if it comes to retail. For me thou was thanks to ReaperCon Boneyard shopping I have multiple figures of all the existing DD metal line & I'll wait for whenever something comes out at retail. Chronoscope for me was I don't really game modern or sci-fi these days so I couldn't see myself spending the cash for the entire expansion. I am hoping the Cthulthu thingees comes out as a retail pieces, as I've gotten the other C' things in the other kickstarters that Reaper has done up.

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Fire Newts, Bones 6 core set (assuming Bones 6 funds well enough, so not in the initial 30 models).




Stirges, two different sculpts, probably for the dungeon wandering monster expansion. 



A two-headed troll.




The previously-shown bog shambler, and an owl statue that has inspired some other things for Bones 6; he’s named Skraw, and it sounded like it’s related to some Reaper story stuff (convention setting lore, etc.)



The leprechaun and mushroom goombas are intended as the March Bones USA promotional figure(s). Might just be the leprechaun, or he might have three mushroom minions with him. 

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Here we go again!  Really liking everything so far and we've even got an item from my wishlist with those salamanders.

Speaking of my wishlist from Bones You'd Like to See....



Existing Metal Minis
Master Spy (60087)
Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa (60036)
Goblin Wolf (02710)
Merchant & Henchman (02548)
Olav Gunderson, Dwarf Gambler (50319)
Western Desert Dragon (03670...possibly new sculpt?)
First Mate Higgins (50348)
Admiral Gnoph (50345)

Worm Corpse (03023...possibly new sculpt?)


Things that are Legally Distinct from the Following...
Demon, Dretch
Devil, Barbed  
Devil, Spined
Merrow (demon mermaid version)
Modron, Pentadrone
Modron, Quadrone
Modron, Tridrone
Yugoloth, Mezzoloth
Yugoloth, Nycaloth


An Expansion Legally Distinct from Spelljammer with Legally Distinct...

More Bathalians


Misc Wish List...
Snake swarms
Giant vultue (2")
Giant wasp (2")
Giant sea horse (2")
Giant lizard (2")
Giant bat (2")
Giant hyena (2"
Giant goat (2")
Giant ants (...2"?)
Giant gnoll demon (an updated 02704 in the style of the "Demonic Lasher")
Giant goat demon (an updated 77316 in the style of the "Demonic Lasher")
Elementals with armor (2")
An alternative pose enlarged dark dwarf

Large dragons with wings like the Western Desert Dragon that would look good with metallic colors

...I would absolutely kill for a power-up of "random giant animals" and a expansion of "this sure would work well for Spelljammer"

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Poor Dino-people:  I think they were cool little sculpts, and I really appreciate that they were something a little different, even though they suffered a bit from mood/genre/style whiplash from the sets they appeared in, and weren't quite my cup of tea.  I think they've surely got an untapped customer base out there somewhere.    Compared to the more serious sci-fi/fantasy/horror minis around them, there's more of a playful, cartoon/comic quality to the Dinos, that reminded me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles even as early as the prehistoric expansion I first saw them in, and I think that if they'd been released as a package on a dime-store toy rack back in the '70s or '80s when I was a kid, we would have loved them!  That sort of think would have found a lot of use with the "army man" toys in sandbox wars with green army men, the Galaxy Laser Team, and so on, and wouldn't have been far out of place with the sorts to toys that were popular back then - Masters of the Universe, Rock Lords, M.U.S.C.L.E., Transformers/Go-Bots and all that.  Weird how that, as a sort of fun flashback to '80s gonzo fantasy, they totally fell flat with older gamers, when nostalgia for that sort of thing has been fairly popular otherwise!  Maybe it wasn't familiar enough?  Too big a tone shift from the minis they were otherwise packaged with?  They depended too heavily on focused D&D gamers to figure out an outside-the-box use for them?


I gave my dino-people away as gifts, and they make fine  stocking-stuffers for kids.  And, as I think of it, I'm surprised that more gamers didn't simply paint them up as statues for tabletop gaming terrain, really:  gamers who'd think nothing of going out shopping for random statue minis to scatter as terrain, or buying dime-store toys to convert to statues, don't seem to notice the "free" dino-people in expansions are well-suited for the purpose!


Speaking of statues....




Everything in that last teaser looks fantastic to me!  Love the shambler (again!), the owl(bear?) statue is beautiful, and I know several of us have been asking for a feyworld-type expansion filled with dark and mischievous fairies, sprites, redcaps, and the like, which the leprechaun and goombas would, I think, be perfect for,  Beautiful work, whoever the sculptor(s) are! 


It's good to see the oft-requested stirges finally appearing, too.  Seems like there are quite a few of those sorts of those curiously-neglected traditional "generic-fantasy" style monsters, like the shambler, hags/witches, and stirges, are finally getting some love in Bones, and I'm glad to see them getting made now 🙂


Also, nobody else has mentioned this dancing demoness, who is a fun character, so I'll just give a shout-out for her, too:




I never go into a mini shopping expedition thinking "I need a dancing demon-girl" and never walk out of such an expedition with one in my shopping cart, but when characters like this appear in a grab-bag of other figures that I would shop for as a "enough of these are irresistible, let's see what I can do with the rest" sort of thing (say, part of a Core Set, or Fan-Favorites expansion, etc.), these sorts of characters always seem to float to the top as 'sleeper hits" that become go-to gaming NPCs and such.  The Martian Princess from that last Chronoscope expansion was like that, there was a princess/sorceress character in one of the pirate-themed Reapercon boxes that was like that, and there've been lots of other such characters in other expansions and core sets!  (That's a good part of what makes Chronoscope tick for me!)


So there's the first Bones VI Sleeper Hit for me, and I'm betting there'll be more 🙂


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Suggestion: Go with


Bones 6


…instead of:


Bones VI



Just because the NFL makes it work when they number superbowls does not mean it is a great idea to carry on with Caesar’s number system. 

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On 1/26/2022 at 1:05 PM, MoonglowMinis said:

As I think about it, the desire for different themes in minis echoes my desire for different themes in games. As primarily a D&D player, I've grown so tired of the same old generic fantasy setting. I keep trying desperately to inject new life into the same game with little thematic changes. Like running a pirate campaign with a weird hybrid of 18th century and medieval influences. So Brinewind, Dark Depths, and Dreadmere did wonders for that (though i could have used more fantasy-pirates).

My one friend has been embracing his cultural heritage through games, both as a player and DM, so he was excited to get the Daimyo set to have minis to reflect that cultural theming.

I've posted about it in the I'd like to see threads, but my biggest hopes for Bones 6 is a desert theme (Arabian or Egyptian inspired), and a winter theme (Nordic or Arctic inspired).  Feel like those settings have a lot of potential.

I also am running a pirate themed setting currently, and dreadmere and Brinewind were like a godsend. But my setting also has a desert area and a snowy Viking area- so I 100% am behind those two as expansion themes!


Someone else mentioned a stagecoach in another thread, and I would love to see that as an add on, especially since I feel like I've seen a lot of people running Strahd lately

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10 hours ago, YronimosW said:



Ok, I like the Fire newt guys, but the little mushroom guys above are great. I will get a bunch of these if this is core and they make them available for additional purchase. They will make good leshy or enemies for my plumber themed adventure path...


I like the Owl statue too



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Just to reiterate, the leprechaun and the mushroom men were stated to be related to the March Bones USA offering. There was ZERO indication those had anything to do with Bones 6.

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12 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Just to reiterate, the leprechaun and the mushroom men were stated to be related to the March Bones USA offering. There was ZERO indication those had anything to do with Bones 6.


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Ah, I see!  I don't think I'd have caught that even if I'd seen it:  I'd have just assumed it would have made it into the Kickstarter too (it wouldn't be the first time that sort of thing has happened, and Reaper does keep us guessing!)

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Oh good! Stirge was one of the minis I was hoping for. I need to find a giant wasp or something to proxy for my Rangers of Shadow Deep games. Hopefully I will be able to buy multiples. I'm not excited for standard dungeon fare, but I do really like January's gnoll, who is supposed to be a teaser for Bones 6. 

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1 hour ago, Great Khan Artist said:

I need to find a giant wasp or something to proxy for my Rangers of Shadow Deep games.



Just a suggestion, but I used Reaper's Bones "Fly Demons", painted as giant bees, for the Giant Wasps in Frostgrave.


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Stirges most welcome, I have exactly 1 (from the hex-based Citadel D&D licence), which as no-one has ever encountered a lone stirge, I have to supplement with the aforementioned fly demons and some incongruously gravestone-mounted bats.


Two-head troll and bog monster look great. 

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