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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #5


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Here are some traditional fantasy suggestions:


-A colony of giant ants (some small workers, a few medium soldiers, a couple of swarms and a big queen)
-A band of gargoyles (some regular ones, a spellcaster and a leader)
-A band of nordic adventurers / viking raiders
-A group of ents / treefolks
-A circle of (evil?) druids and druidesses
-Some halfling adventurers (not just of the sneaky variety!)
-Classic elementals (air, earth, fire and water; maybe in medium, big and huge size)
-Classic undead (unarmored skeletons, mummies, zombies...)

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On 1/18/2022 at 10:40 AM, Brianuk said:

Sasquatch, wendigo and jackalope. 

A 'starship troopers' type bug or bugs

Female Hill giant 

Female ogres

Ogre with ranged weapon

Kobold engineers or trappers 

Orc pirates 




And mothman! Cryptids to go with Nessie 😁




Also, in the vein of terrain, a multi story wizards tower maybe?



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A multi-story wizard’s tower would be awesome. 

Maybe make it circular stone, in three levels; a base floor with door, a middle floor with windows in the walls, and a top floor with a balcony, doorway, and conical, removable roof (thatch or shingles).  Make it so the conical roof also fits the bottom floor (making an Irish roundhouse), and the middle floor can stack on top of another copy of itself. That way you can order three or so sets, and put all the middle floors stacked into one tall tower, and also have some Irish roundhouses on the table, making a little ‘village’ around the Wizard tower. 

Roofs and levels come off so each is playable. 

Maybe a $30-$40 add-on?

(Just being realistic, based on the cost/size of Mandupar Pass)

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