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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #5


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More unusual PC fantasy races: Kitsune (Foxfolk), Goliaths, Grippli, Satyr (PC), Kenku, Tortle, Vanara (Pathfinder Monkeyfolk), Leonin, Harengon, Owlin, Loxodon (It could even be future proofed by taking a page from TMNT/After the Bomb and do a bunch of different Moreau-folk)


Metal familiars we haven't seen in Bones including Aquatic Familiars, River Familiars, Evil Toys, and Meerkat Swarm


More of the Pathfinder Metal NPCs brought to Bones. There are a lot of great sculpts and characters that are key figures in the Adventure Paths


More Gem Dragons and other Non-Chromatic/Non-Metallic Dragons (Drakes, Great Wyrms, Linnorm, Planar, Astral, etc)


Tome/Mocking Beast Tome



Superhero: Pulp/Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze/Modern 

Space Opera (inspired by Star Wars/Spelljammer/Star Finder)

Norse Mythology

Arabian Nights

Egyptian/African Mythology

Southeast Asia/Polynesia (Raya, Moana)

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Someone posted about this on FB, and I post my further thoughts here:

I think a "reading wagon" would be great for Bones VI. Perhaps with some extra pieces that let you make some slightly different variants of it, like maybe some railings or something that changes the look of the roof, different windows, wheels, stairs...

If clevelry designed, some small pieces could be enough to completely change the look of the wagon. That would definitely have me get multiples, too. Could potentially make a caravan of wagons with only the one product! 😄 (Would've loved to have had that for my Tyranny of Dragons/Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign!)

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Chain devils

barbed devils

bearded devils

ice devil (resulpt with bigger size)


On 2/11/2022 at 9:17 AM, SirShanty said:

I would love to see a monster kit bashing sprue, kind of like the weapons only with extra horns, mouths, eyes, tentacles, arms and other creepy appendages to add to monsters to make each one a bit different.

You need to come to ReaperCon, that’s a regular event with @Ludo

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Someone in the B6 pre-hype post suggested this one, but I'm gonna take it a bit further:


Mongrelfolk, but make them like the Build-a-pirate or Man-at-arms that have been previously released. This way we can really have random "freaks" for encounters & such.

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Posted that in B6 hype post, but I will add this one here as well just in case:

Would love things like bredthralls, gibberlings, grimlocks, jermlaines, losels, quicklings, xvarts. Creatures that are not necessarily immediately aggressive towards PCs.

I would also like to see Dr Moreau\mongrel folk based encounter set.

For Fae expansion, that hopefully is in the works, I would really like to see a fae based set of silly goblins (think Labyrinth movie goblins), perhaps some Dark Crystal Gelfling inspired creatures or heroes. Probably just more Brian Froud and\or Iris Compiet inspired minis.

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On 2/8/2022 at 3:26 PM, Maredudd said:

I'd like see Roderic and Glitter done in Bones!


I like th current mini but would also like a more kinetic figure of Roderic and Glitter in flight!


In the end I'll take what ever R&G in bones I can get!


@Reaper_Jon Could someone please give this man what he wants? He's been asking for years now.

Just a little halfling on a dragon..

Could be a small add on?

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