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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #5


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After going through my piles of minis and list of still to come stuff, I've realised that what I *need* are more terrain/encounters, and big objectives. The seige weapons, Ravenhome, Charnel Pit, Bridge, Dwarf Crypt and the Brindwind terrain from Bones 5 were all on point (I especially frothed the raft of the damned).


Don't get me wrong, I'll almost certainly buy everything available, but that's not the point.


Useful scenery and terrain is what will really suck me in this time.  


... and night goblins, attack lama, giant kraken/leviathan ect ect

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Okay, with Bones 6 coming up in the headlights, I'd like to make a proposal/suggestion:


How about doing a lycanthropes themed expansion add-on? Perhaps "Minions of the Moon" or something like that.


The obvious choices for figures are the common RPG lycanthrope types in some sort of hybrid form. Both a male and female version of the figure (the latter being lacking in some cases).


But beyond those... nearly all the figures out there are for humans. It would be very cool to do the same for the other common PC races (elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, orc, etc.). There are precious few of these out there.


Double bonus points for something else that could be done:


Create fantasy humanoid figures (in the core set, or another expansion) which match up with the lycanthrope figures in the expansion. Essentially usable as normal fantasy figures. But made so that they resemble/match up with the lycanthrope expansion hybrid figures. Giving players a human/hybrid version of the figure.


Equally cool would be to have animal figures for the lycanthropes (again, usable as a normal version of the animal) somewhere in the Kickstarter too. Human/hybrid/animal for very cool figure combos.


And... triple bonus points... you could even create investigator/modern/sci-fi humanoid figures that match up with the lycanthropes and the fantasy figures as well for part of a Chronoscope expansion. Which could give multiple ways to use the Chronoscope and Lycanthrope figures. A fantasy/modern combo for figures. Modern/hybrid. Lots and lots of ways to use different figures to represent the same character.


I suspect doing the different versions would help drive interest and demand for this sort of expansion.


And of course, if more figures are needed, there are also other hybrid forms for non-common lycanthrope types.


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That reminds me, in a good way, of the White Wolf D20 Ravenloft setting, and its treatment of meta-human vampires,each of which was given distinctive appearances, habits, and weaknesses inspired by the base race they started as.  I remember the halfling vampires as being particularly pitiful and wretched specimens:  fond of food and drink in life which they could no longer enjoy in undeath, halfling vampires' lust for the things that gave them pleasure in life turned to a twisted and exaggerated desire to collect things, which included a habit of collecting the ears, fingers, and toes that they would chew from their victims' bodies....


I've never actually used many were-creatures in my games, and really for no good reason - I ought to try it sometime. 


In my head-canon, though, it's humans who become were-wolves and cat-people, while halflings tend toward rodent forms, like were-rats.  I had never given much thought to the others, though Dwarves do seem to get a were-badger and were-bear connection in RPGs, and I almost imagine that Elves should properly be immune to lycanthropy, though that need not spoil anyone else's fun.  So, I wonder what other meta-lycanthropes might be?


Now, I kinda want to sketch up a party of Halfling vampire- and wererat-hunters, and all the dangers and troubles they could get into....

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I heard a lot of good suggestions. The ones I vote yes on are:


Chain devil

Sensibly clad (and may I say, normal shaped?) females. I liked the henchwomen in bones 5. Now sensible heroines. A female druid that can actually walk through a bramble bush without cursing her lack of protective clothing.


Bob Olley ogre: I am not a fan of most of his sculpts, but this one I really like: https://www.reapermini.com/search/bob olley/latest/02537

Non-nordic heroes: I like this one: https://www.reapermini.com/search/jalahandra/latest/02388 (very versatile, can be arabic, can be ninja)

                               Some more african style kick broccoli guys. Reaper has only zulus I do not like. What I like :  https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3620705/conan-kubroccolie-witch-hunters 

Riders: why not make a set of say, 6 riders and six beasts and make them interchangeable: like a dragon, horse, giant eagle, giant wolf, giant insect etc. and then a human, halfling, orc, etc rider; and anyone can decide to put any of the riders on any of the beasts. An orc on an evil giant black eagle? Why not?

Giant bugs. I liked the rhino beetle in Bones 5. I do not think we have giant centipedes yet.








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Things are looking very good so far! March 31st is brutally far away though! 


Now that there's talk about the expansions being released as groups/story ideas I'll chuck a couple in:


A shark hunting / whaling team (a la the team in Assains creed, Black Flag). A long boat - longer than the brinewind skiff, and a crew with harpoon, flensing knives ect. 


Escaped convicts/desperate men. A band/campsite of desperate and dangerous blokes on the run. 


More campsite stuff in general. Rabbits on spits, rough tents, bed rolls, characters sharpening weapons, sitting around, sleeping, eating, mending clothes and armour. Even a latrine would be cool. 


Now the cat's out of the bag about the Green Griffin tavern, some cool set peices that could be reused elsewhere like fireplaces, wooden pillars/roof supports, shady dudes sitting in dark corners smoking pipes.


I wouldn't mind a used gibbet, crucifix, impaled people on poles, hanged men, corpse piles ect that could be set dressing as characters cross warring country.

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The Ukrainian Relief mini reminded me that I’d like to see more of the most under-represented D&D class in all miniatures lines:


Bards, Bards & more Bards!


Of as many different race and instruments combinations as possible. 

Maybe Reaper could release them as wandering/battling band sets?

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