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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #5


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There was a subgenre of medieval drollery in which doodles in the margins of illuminated manuscripts depicted cowardly, lazy, or weak knights being waylaid and bullied by (rather spooky-looking) armed rabbits - it was apparently the height of medieval comedy, right behind barbers with wooden legs.  So, harefolk brigands, rogues, rapscallions, villains, knaves, and ne'er-do-wells!

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On 4/23/2022 at 3:32 PM, Mad Jack said:

02190: Angel of Light

 Or a new sculpt of an angel would be fine. At the very least, it'd be great for conversions as a cheap source of feathered wings...

Oh yes. For that matter, any mechanically Huge or Gargantuan angels. We've got Huge fiends and sizeable djinns/elementals--why not some ginormous celestials? Bonus points for elaborate concentric halos, orbiting eyes, multiple wingsets, etc. Something you put on the table and have to tell the players "FEAR NOT!" (for mighty dread will seize their troubled minds).

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With Bones 6 Kickstarter just ended, figured I'd go ahead and put my wish list for Bones 7 out early.

  • Phoenix - Classic fantasy/mythological creature I don't have, and think Reaper can make a great Bones version.
  • Male fey/faeries - First off, many thanks for the Briarwood expansion. My interest in male fey/faeries is growing up with things like Peter Pan and Link from Ocarina of Time, and think it might hit on the nostalgia button for others too.
  • Noble intrigue/romance - Not a lot of dashing noble figures in the market from what I can see, and feel there's a place for people who want to play heroic noble PCs, or have NPCs who are regal monarchs, mysterious masquerade figures, or can serve as love interests/rivals/both. 
  • Continue the great work on different mythologies - Think Reaper can't go wrong trying to hit on different world mythologies a couple at a time, including  heroes and creatures that are unique to their respective origin. 

Anyways, my compliments to Reaper for what was in Bones 6, looking forward to the ones to come!

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Per a suggestion in the Bones 6 enthusiasm thread, I’m posting this here:

Hun or Mongol raiders on horseback

Ancient Persian

Ancient Babylonian (anunnaki)

South and Central America (couatl)



A Chronoscope series specifically targeted at the ancient legends of Atlantis. 

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I'm throwing in for a Dark Carnival and the Norse expansion, hopefully those two are front and center with Bones 7.


In addition, can we please have some more lady adventurers. Half orc and orc women that aren't dressed like barbarians. Dwarf women who aren't issued a large hammer at birth. More tiefling ladies. 


I'd also in general like some more non-PHB races. Specifically, less elves and humans. I have hundreds of elves and humans; I need something new and exciting. More wildfolk, maybe some models coded more as genasi.

I really like how B6 set up their encounters. I'd like to see more of that. I also really like the Denizens expansion - a smattering of old and weird PHB monsters is always a good call, to me. 


I'd like an encounter or two of some creepy, dark horror style monsters. Sort of Cthulu style, but not necessarily a Cthulhu monster, just some dark and creepy stuff

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