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Correct File Size For Picture Posting


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Ok...I finally figured out how to cut picture files down to size so i can post them. I couldn't do this before...not sure why...but I was playing around at 2 in the morning and suddenly it just seemed to work....i think.....here is what I did


1. croped the photo useing Adobe Photo Shop (a free downloadable version). which got the file size to about 1/4 of its orrigional size

2. I then pasted the pic into Microsoft paint...then skewed and stretched the image to make it smaller (which decreased the files size even more without causing me to loose any of my image)


Now I just hope i can do this again when I have to post something i've done!


However, I just wanted to share this in the hopes that it might help some other confused soul out there

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In photoshop you can resize the image as well. In the version I have, it's on the "Image" part of the toolbar, and is the "Image Size" option.


When saving the image as a JPEG, you can set the quality, which affects the file size. A setting of "10" is the highest quality, and least compression, ergo largest size. A setting of "1" is the lowest quality, and most compression, ergo smallest size. I typically go for 7-9.


Hope this helps. I've not tried the free downloadable version of photoshop, so the options may or may not be available.

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