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Should I invest in JOR?


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I’ve been told that the rules for combined arms can be found in those books. The problem is that they will likely be obsolete in a year or so

There are no "rules" for combined arms, everything that you need is in the CAV Rulebook. What the JoR1 gives you is the rules for creating your own vehicles (that includes CAVs), some scenario rules, a lot of eratta (available online @ cavhq.com), more fluff on the models from the rulebook and about a dozen or so new CAVs, 1 new aircraft, 1 tank and 1 APC.


The JoR2 gives you a couple more scenario rules, some more eratta (again available online) and 48 new models, the majority of which are vehicles and gunships, not CAVs.


As for becoming obsolete, that only applies to the datacards and anything rule specific in the books. The fluff and unit descriptions will always be relevant.

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Yeah, if you want to use any of the units in the rulebook, you'll need to get JoR1.


Alternatively, you could just download CAV-RC and get all the data cards in a printable and maniuplatable format for free :o)


Course, I'd still buy the books. There's nothing better than having a real book in your hands... and the smell of a new book is really quite something.

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