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When will we see the next batch of releases?

Lord Pravage

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I thought I remember someone saying that they were going to be releasing like 2 or 4 new CAV based minis per month til it finished out the current JORs.


And I know that the T-Bird and StarHawk VI came out with the announcement.


In September, the Wolf and Centipede were announced.


But, so far no annoucnement for October.





Actually I just went back and looked in history, and the StarHawk VI and T-Bird were released back in late June. So, that means that there have been a total of 4 minis released in the past 4 1/2 months.


So, hopefully, they will be able to atleast announce 1 per month til they finish out.

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HI Crew well like you frank ...there is jackola to rave about..in 11 months there has been(2) cavs (1) download senario (1) poster...whatever thats worth..and a few vehicles....thats a pretty naff turnout.......all we keep getting is info on warlord...no wonder we are all so quiet.....warlord=zzzzzz...... :angry:

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Matt has been keeping the sci-fi line crew under the lash and they are slaving tirelessly. Poor Brian has practically no time to answer my inane questions anymore. :lol:


I'm chafing under a severe CAV mini withdrawl too but I'm willing to wait for the cool stuff thats coming.



Orrrrrr...... They could be like other companies and flood us with a bunch of crappy stuff that we hate, hugely disapoint us and drive us away forever.



I think the fact that we're all dying for new stuff shows just how much we love the game. Why do we love it? Because it's cool thats why. Why's it cool? Because Matt, Ron, Brian, Ed, Kit and everyone else down there in Denton works so hard to make it that way and not allow mediocre product out the door.


Rome was not built in a day folks. ::):

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