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Question About Learn to Paint Kits

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So I have a question about the Goblin LTP Kit and the Bones 5 KS LTP Kit:
Does anyone have PDFs/Scans of the instructions from those two kits available? I have all the models and paints from those kits already. But it would be great to have Rhonda Bender's excellent tutorials from those kits so I could paint along. Any thoughts of making those and the ones from the other LTP kits available on the Reaper website under the Craft section such as here:

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like this.


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In all the years of Reaper LTPK kits (mine is the third generation, I started painting with the first generation!), Reaper has never made the instructions available separately. I do not know if they have any plans to reconsider that choice at this time. I certainly understand your predicament though!


However, now that I have a streaming show on the Reaper Twitch channel, you can get some of the information in a different format. I painted through the mini kit I did for Krampus on the show a few weeks ago. If you go to this YouTube playlist, look for shows #27 and #28. I figure I'll do something similar with the goblins once I get my hands on the kit! (I used up all my goblins doing colour tests and stuff for it.)


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