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19 hours ago, Rigel said:

Been doing heroic work here! I love the Space Peacekeepers (leg-breakers for the Company Store out in the asteroid belt?) 
Shorts Scientist and the headless footman are looking great. 
Those chibi kibbies are adorable!

Thanks, random lot projects like this one really give me a chance to mess around and try new things. Most of these so far have been figures I wanted to paint but didn't have any planned uses or even color schemes for them. That really frees me up to do different things.


10 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good stuff here; I especially like the old Genestealer cultists!

I'm pretty pleased with those too. Going forward I'll probably tweak the way I did their skin but other than that I think my next army's scheme is locked in.


I got back to the Angry Marine tonight and focused entirely on the details. I added freehand where I could, some metallics where appropriate (to break it up a bit), and finished with a wash. As of this writing I'm not sure if the wash was a mistake or not but I'll look it over with fresh eyes tomorrow. 20220220_224633.thumb.jpg.1fe4a4e1c18ed807db602e72a74b2b2a.jpg20220220_224643.thumb.jpg.350c2a8572a540eefbb41a83868f4a55.jpg20220220_224651.thumb.jpg.78e9a632a45741604d12d4206bf10b34.jpg20220220_224656.thumb.jpg.13666bc716ab788a79df72c2609d19f8.jpg


While waiting for things to dry I also started basecoating my next figure. This one got forgotten for too long, it was a free miniature some time ago during the holidays. I'm pretty sure I didn't place an order this past December though so it has to be from the year before at the earliest. So it has sat unpainted for maybe two years. In any case my wife selected it when I placed the order and I'm finally getting to it.20220220_224723.thumb.jpg.7fde6b6c8037fe28805d6d36db1baef9.jpg20220220_224734.thumb.jpg.4f930eb0bce1bf714e58982a1443219a.jpg

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Tonight's session was pretty interesting. I spent the majority of my time working on my wife's dragon.20220221_223234.thumb.jpg.69325a8d50cfbb78d1b9b81e7f55c5e3.jpg20220221_223243.thumb.jpg.7ec503ef17e8bea122f1471a82c58219.jpg20220221_223254.thumb.jpg.55023f24b8da09bd10ce210253b3dfe1.jpg

There is still a bit of cleanup to finish but I decided to save it for another time as I want to tackle it with fresh eyes.



While waiting for things to dry I went ahead and finished the Angry Marine's base. 



I also selected my next batch of fantasy figures. As I had already painted two of these previously I was able to get most of their basecoat finished pretty quick.


Probably the most interesting part of tonight was looking back on the previously painted skeletons. Though they were painted only last year I found a lot of mistakes in their paintjobs. Fingers crossed I've actually improved since then and can at least make different mistakes this time around. 

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16 hours ago, mousekiller said:

Is it just me, or does it seem no matter how many miniatures you clear off the desk the desk always seems to be full of miniatures?

I know exactly what you mean. For myself though I've narrowed it down to two reasons. First I'm notorious for picking up a model or two and setting them on my desk with the justification that they won't get lost and I'll actually paint them. Sometimes they just end up languishing there however. The second reason is because I seal and flock in batches. So there are almost always a few figures waiting for a large enough batch to justify getting everything out.


There are also those rare occasions where I've had to pull old miniatures I've already painted simply to reference their color scheme, or the way they're built. 

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Though it was a short session tonight I actually got a lot done. I started by cleaning up a few spots on the dragon. It didn't change very much however so pictures seem redundant, it basically looks the same as last night. 


The skeletons however have radically changed. Everything recieved its basecoat, the shields got their designs, and a dark wash was applied. 


I had hoped to finish these two tonight but I just didn't have the time to wait for them to fully dry. As you can see in the pictures they're still pretty wet. 


Thinking that the skeletons would dry faster I grabbed my next sci-fi figure while I waited.


Unintentionally I ended up speed painting this one almost to completion. That actually served as quite the confidence booster. Seeing as the skeletons are still wet I have a real point of reference for how fast I painted this.

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I really thought I'd get to the desk last night but much like the rest of yesterday the evening got away from me while I worked on other things. So no hobby progress last night but I did finally get some pictures framed plus my favorite autographed poster. I'd love to hang it beside the desk but seeing as the wife already allowed an old Imperial Guard art print I won't press my luck. 


Getting back to the desk for a bit today however I probably more than made up for my missed session. Starting off I finished my skeletons. Though I'd recently seen a great way of doing glowing skeleton eye sockets on the forum I decided against trying it as I want them to match the original two. 20220224_100725.thumb.jpg.314d1dc08fbf322de6a45e227267d7ad.jpg20220224_100737.thumb.jpg.f69c15d0a4cf4a46e5942c6ed46d2bd7.jpg


As these were painted somewhere in the neighborhood of a year apart from the originals I thought I'd also post a picture of the first two skeletons for comparison. 



I also finished the sci-fi figure as all it really needed were a few washes, it's eyes, and the base highlighted. I think this one turned out pretty good for not having an actual plan.



Moving back into fantasy I selected the two zombie/ghouls next. Deciding to reuse my ghoul scheme from my Ghost Archipelago project they painted up very quickly. Having used one of their outfits to test paints also helped quite a bit as the outfit was fully painted before I even started. 



Just like the skeletons I decided to add pictures of the first ghouls for comparison. 20220224_124843.thumb.jpg.5cee0ac93ff33160b060c00a0714aefa.jpg20220224_124856.thumb.jpg.ea395f3a8b74c05082e7e6f9f60195a2.jpg


As I am running out of sci-fi pieces in this project I grabbed the Guard heavy weapon and started basecoating it. 


I'd say not too bad for a quick session that I lucked into. 

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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Their shield devices look familiar; Blair Witch Project, right?

You are correct, when I was looking for designs last year I wanted something simple. My freehand still isn't great but I've been getting plenty of practice painting Angry Marines.

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Made it back to the desk again tonight, much to my surprise. I spent the entire time slowly working on the heavy weapon and the dreadnought arm. After checking GW's website I realized their "official" scheme for the weapon is terrible. So instead of following it to the letter, as I usually do for the first miniature, I added some extra details that really added to it overall.


Pre wash pictures, just incase the wash destroys everything; that's how proud I am of this piece.20220224_213511.thumb.jpg.bf8e60bd79f366d1b80e67c90855f9c9.jpg20220224_213523.thumb.jpg.602666e2f56e1e69b969bbedbd2452dd.jpg20220224_213535.thumb.jpg.877bffb2437cda8e1f8d2047e3fe71b1.jpg20220224_213544.thumb.jpg.b7501d53dd5f46cfc94834886abd5c4a.jpg20220224_213558.thumb.jpg.8d2775a0b6e52ce30ad782f9f69714ec.jpg


Post wash, thankfully the wash wasn't a mistake. 20220224_234317.thumb.jpg.ed70e068fced6f7f3dc9f67418da1817.jpg20220224_234323.thumb.jpg.36e627068ea6395e1e92d61f5316ca4e.jpg

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1 hour ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Nice!  That cable bundle in particular came out great! I always struggle with how to do things like that....


Just now, Glitterwolf said:

I agree the cable is a great detail!

Thanks, I hadn't really planned to paint it like that. After seeing GW just painted it with a steel metallic though really showed how bland it would be in a single color.


I'm glad I put the extra time in but I may have painted myself into a corner as I still have a ton of these to paint. Oh well, guess I'll just have to put in the work to keep them uniform across the army.

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