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"Warrior Duke" - Forge of Ice limited edition resin - sculptor Kev White


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Thanks, everyone, for looking and commenting!  Glad you like how he turned out. 

It was fun to juxtapose this painted mini with memories (or on-screen images) of the old action figure.  (Internal monologue: "The action figure's helmet is a flat dark blue.  How should that look as a real object with highlights and shadows?" etc.)

And if you haven't seen the 2 paintings of this character by Wayne Reynolds (c. 2005), you can find them with a web-search.


@KruleBear: Frazetta was definitely an inspiration.  Thanks!



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I recently purchased two copies of this mini. I bought two because it's limited edition. I'm really looking forward to painting it, and I'm glad I stumbled across this thread. Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing this. 


I really enjoy the weathered and nicked look of his sword, though any time I see a figured painted with a notched blade I can't help but think, "This guy does not take care of his kit."


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