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Something wierd with my print

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I'm back to printing 1/285 WW2 minis, this time doing Soviets. I need a bunch of trucks and decided to use a GAZ AAA stl from Bergmann. It was originally a 1/100 scale mini and they don't print right for me when resized. Tried it of course but it didn't turn out well. So I spent a few hours (I'm very slow in Blender) remodelling all the parts that didn't print and came up with this.




Which looks pretty much like Bergmann's 1/200 scale models that almost always work without issues for me. When I went to print it in the orientation in the pic it printed fine up to the hood just in front of the cab. Then it just said it was finished and didn't print the front end. Resliced it and tried again with the exact same result. Thought I'd try it in a different orentation in case it's something mechanical wrong with my 3D printer. Tried printing in on it's wheels. It printed to the top of the wheels and then said it was done and quit. Never seen anything like this before. Kind of sad that I remade 3/4 of that model and can't print it.

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I checked it with a couple programs and none of them said there were problems. Today it sliced and printed fine. I need something like 25-30 of the basic truck and a few models with AA guns on them so was hoping they'd print. 8 done so far and I'm working on making the AA models now.

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