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"Spelunking at Midnight" Diorama featuring converted Lanell, Female Rogue and Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger


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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Great work!


Thank you @Glitterwolf Much appreciated.



2 hours ago, Iridil said:

Inspiration - very convincing OSL and the night color scheme is spot on - and the base - fantastic! nice touch with the firefly/glow insect


Thank you @Iridil. The OSL made my brain melt in some areas, but the frontal perspective - the most important one I would argue - worked out fine. In the future I would try to make the night areas a tad darker or emphasise the moonlight more. As it stands it looks ok and doesn't detract from the character in the cave, the true star of this vignette. 


The fireflies are something I will revisit in the future. I could see an entire scene where a central character is surrounded by fireflies illuminating her/him. 

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12 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

Awesome work @Peithetairos! As I mentionned on Facebook, I really like the composition of your diorama.

The osl effect is very well done and the fireflies add a nice touch of magic. The conversions you did on both models are also amazing. 👍


Thanks again @Metalchaos ! I always feel the original Bones are great for conversions. Cheap and cheerful. 



12 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That is incredibly cool! :winkthumbs:


Thank you @Chaoswolf

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22 hours ago, H.C. said:

WOW!! That looks amazing! 


Thanks! I would say my best work yet.



19 hours ago, Fencig said:

it takes guts to envision something like this and real skill to pull it off


how did you make the firefly hover?


High praise! Thank you. It was less straightforward than it looks. Lots of trial and error. I will feature a longer how-to on my blog. The firefly is attached to some nylon string that partly disappears in the foliage. I removed a few light reflections of the string in Affinity Photo to sell the illusion even more. 


3 hours ago, Guyra said:

That's some amazing stuff right there! 😄


Thank you! Really happy that the piece is so well received!

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