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Fillyjonk the Hellborn Rogue 30009, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

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1 minute ago, Darcstaar said:

Gorgeous!  Nice skin tone and hair color.  The little pops of color add to her femininity, I would say.  I can’t see any mold lines or strings anywhere, so I’d say you figured it out.

Thanks Darcstaar! Honestly being she is a flat, forward facing miniatures, her mold lines were typically on her sides. I also had issues with a wee bit of extra material on her nose, and as I tried to shave it off, it refused to separate, so I was trying to cut and pull it off. But it all seemed to come out in the end!

2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job especially on that face!


Thank you much Gitterwolf!

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1 hour ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful - love her face, the blending on the fabric, and your choice of pink hair!

Thank you Iridil, can't remember the name of the little show, but on Youtube there's a Hellborn Rogue with pink hair who was sort of the inspiration.  I think it's a little Australian You Tube series about role playing adventurers or something, can't remember the name though.

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