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2022 Annual contest Reaper diorama entries


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Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tryrant faces off against a brave group of adventurers as they attempt to stop her from emerging from one of her ancient temples.


Reaper minis used:

Ma'al Drakar - 77580

Dwarf Cleric, Herryk - 77220

Human Paladin, Almaran - 03292

Human Wizard, Lashana - 04007

Non Reaper:

Elf Acher - Bite the Bullet Studio (3dprint)

Bard with Guitar-  Bloody Sword miniatures (3d print)

Female Tabaxi Rogue - Wizkids














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removed collage pics
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                                                                                        Encounter at Ash Mountain

The Viscounty has received reports from miners up in the Ash Mountains of strange lights and sounds coming from the abandoned Slag Fortress. Your party is being sent to investigate, but  you are confident it's a  waste of time. The Fire Giants were driven out long ago, when your grandfather was a boy. Oh well, you are getting paid and maybe some goblins have taken up camp there, a quick mop-up and then back home. Your confidence is contagious, the Viscount is sending his favorite nephew to get some experience. He is only a boy  but looks impressive in his newly forged and intricately worked plate, enameled in blue.


After a long journey up, you get there at dusk on the 5th day. The main gate is a complete ruin. so you circle around. At last, after a long search, a Postern door that still looks passable. You wonder, what kind of powerful magic could have brought down these massive Granite blocks and sundered the thick Oak door, perhaps only the Wizard knows.

To your horror, what's left of the door is thrown open with a violent crash, No it CAN'T be



You do not feel welcomed



let's hope that rogue you hired is as good as his bragging









Gunther the Fire Giant 02647 by Jason Wiebe

The Wizard Arakus 03958 by Bobby Jackson

Kain Swiftblade 02025 by Sandra Garrity

Half-Elf Rogue, Darnath 03062 Bobby Jackson

Sir Rathan 77385 by Bobby Jackson


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The kidnapped Lady Nutmeg watched with worry as her would-be rescuers did battle with the mad scientist and his mechanical monstrosity. If the crack agents of the Guinea Ladies Association for Decorum, Imagination, and Science couldn’t defeat her captor, heaven only knew what would be in store for her.  GLADIS Knights C.P. and Dottie were her only hope.  


Wyrmgear, dreadmere alchemist from reaper, Darksword guineas, 3d print pack capybaras.






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On 2/5/2023 at 9:55 AM, dusty said:

Sorry I am logged in as dusty not dogfather🤣

Ah, ok. I've got you sorted! I received your message and have sent your info to Reaper. I was so confused!

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