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More ILNG Troops Activated for Federal Service


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om the Macom Journal, 01SEP04 in Macomb, IL


Troops headed for Iraq


By Stacey Creasy/Editor


MACOMB - Illinois National Guard units from Galesburg, Macomb and Milan have been called to duty, officials said Monday.


About 450 soldiers from the Army National Guard's Second Battalion of the 123rd Field Artillery were activated for at least 18 months of duty, officials said.


A spokesperson from the office of Brig. Gen. Randal Thomas, Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard, confirmed a number of soldiers from the Macomb National Guard Armory will be deployed, but could not say how many local troops are included in the group of 450 soldiers

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Top Posters In This Topic

May they serve with pride and honor and come home safely.


I will admit bias when it comes to patriotism; it runs into the deepest crevasses in my veins, it is an inseparable part of who I am. Serving in the military is one of the greatest sacrifices someone can make and it should never be taken lightly. IMO, I think all politicians should have to have served in the military, actually I feel that you should have to serve in order to vote, but I know most everybody would disagree and I accept that.


Anywho, I just finished reading Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley and John Adams by David McCullough, In both of these books you get to hear the personal struggles and sacrifices of hero's. You get to hear and learn about people who knowingly laid their lives down for others. People who gave up their today for other peoples tomorrow. To me there is no greater sacrifice, no greater love of mankind, of brother, of sister, of friend than that. I hope and pray that all of these soldiers come home to a hero's welcome and the cheers of thanks they deserve. I hope the Iraqi people understand their sacrifice and I hope the Iraqi's children and children's children benefit from it.

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Aye I wish them a most boring tour, no one shooting at them, and no one for them to shoot.


I belive that those who defend this country in the Armed Forces are among the best we as a nation have.


I support the troops, I grieve for the over 10,000 wounded ( on our side alone), that our leadership has forbde be spoken of, I mourn the dead whoses number is kept secret, I anger at a "free press" that will not cover these.


It is a war fought by the young to make the old and fat, fattter and richer.

As a country we have never really treated our warriors well, and we have had them fighting for causes that were more grey than right, but now we have asked them to kill and to die so Halburton and thoses paid by that corp, to line thier pockets with money.


Then while they meet in New York and wrap 9/11 around them like a security blanket, more are sent to cover the lies of why we are in Iraq.



The rest is a rant please feel free to skip









A fact I am trying to verify

There are more police and law enforcment guarding the Rep. Convention in NY, than the number of troops we sent to Afganistan, where the terroists were and may still be.


A fact I know

There were no WMD in Iraq

The US Goverment knew this


Alkaida(sp), tried to set up a camp in Iraq, Saddam did not let them.


A key defense corp, had Bin Laden's family as a major stock holder, they were awarded millions of doaars in contracts, the stock increased. The Family sold out at a huge profit.

How was this not wrong?

Why did we fly the Saudis home after 9/11 instead of questioning them?

How much money does the Bush family get from investors outside the country?

How would you be more likely to help someone paying you 200k a year, or a million a year?

What does Dick Chenny do that allows him to make, according to tax records between 400-700 million?

Should he not be doing things to help restore jobs, not give tax breaks for out of the country outsourcing?

Where is the "free press"?

Where is the so called "librial press"?

Why was W. Bush's cocaine charges never talked about?

How can someone with a Havard degree not be able to read reports?

Perhaps a TOS test should be required of all running for office, how many would pass?


Rant off

I am almost in tears from anger

What happened to America, and can it ever be fixed?

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More police in NY than troops in Afghanistan. Is it really that surprising that the President, and those close to him are to be highly protected? Though, I know many democrats would prefer less security so an "accident" might happen. (IE: Democratic underground)


No WMD in Iraq? What did Saddam use in the past then, against his own people, and others?


Bush's cocaine deal WAS talked about. It simply isn't a recuring thing in the news.


Where is the so called "librial press"? Um, as far as I know, the majority of publishing and TV press is liberal. Republicans pretty much dominate talk radio, but hey... I could be wrong, of course. And as for the death toll being kept secret... you sure about that? I could have sworn I have heard it mentioned on the news before, acouple times a day, everytime someone dies or is injured...


How can someone with a Havard degree not be able to read reports? Please... I grow so tired of the "Bush is a dumbarse" argument. It's a dead horse, that has been beaten for a long time. Some people simply aren't good at public speaking - is it so hard to accept, or are people so bigoted that they base a person simply on the way they speak? I'm not saying you are.. but many people seem to be.




Let me ask some questions then...


Why did Clinton do nothing, when Bin Laden was practically offered to him on a silver platter, several times?


How does Kerry have any right to serve as commander in chief, when he does not support our military? He has voted against nearly every defense initiative, including his now famous "I actually DID vote for the 87 billion... BEFORE I voted against it!". Like that is something to be proud of.


What happened to America? It's gotten better, and hopefully with 4 more years of Bush it will get even better. In some ways however, I wish Kerry would win, simply so all the democrats would stop whining -_-

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A fact I know

There were no WMD in Iraq

The US Goverment knew this



Where is the so called "librial press"?

There is no proof the government "knew there were no WMD's"

According to the reports, both the CIA and FBI were pretty sure there were.

What about the immigrants who defected to the US and claimed he did?

Bottom line, Saddam acted like he had them to bully others.

If you want to act like a big boy you shoundn't be surprised when the other big boys call you out.


As for the Liberal Press, name one major network that broadcast McCain or Gulianni's speeches during the Republican National Convention.

Yet they covered the Democratic National Convention in full.


As to our armed forces, God Bless Them, but they knew the risks when they joined.

When I joined back in '90, I knew full well my chances were good that I would go into combat, I did.

Did I whine, did I complain? No.

I accepted the fact that I,and I alone, was responsible for the choice that I had made.

My only regret is that we had not finished this in '91.

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As for the Liberal Press, name one major network that broadcast McCain or Gulianni's speeches during the Republican National Convention.

Yet they covered the Democratic National Convention in full.

Too bad that's just not true.








For the DNC, the networks had no coverage of the second night. For the RNC, it was the first. If the RNC coverage had been missed on the second night instead of the first, you would have been complaining about missing the speeches of Laura and Arnold.

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