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War is Coming: Reinforcements

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We'll be showing off sprues and painted examples via various channels we secured during the preparation of the project! We have stuff to reveal during the entire 29 days of the project.


You'll get all your answers there, we can't wait for the reveals as we have plenty of our own skin in this project too (as we believe creators should when they truly believe in their projects)!


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On 2/25/2022 at 9:59 PM, Balgin Stondraeg said:

Have you shown this image to the kickstarter backers yet? They might appreciate it. I'm recognising some Shieldmaiden bodies and heads in there too. Don't know if it's a crossover kit or if you were demonstrating how well they mix together.

Good call and yes, we just shared and posted in the main page!

There's a shared cross-over yes, we have promised to deliver these by this July so we had to be ready. We always keep our word and are keen on continuing doing so! 😊 

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Good morning! We are funding slowly but steadily. 😊 Slower than we would have liked, but at this pace we should fund.
We are strongly hoping to have funded before the 48 hour emails so we may make it on time to unlock as many stretch goals as possible!

Shout-outs and spreading the word is the best way to make this happen. We so much appreciate the 150+ backers that are holding on this with us, a lot of gratitude! ♥️

Valkyries example view by Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

Stretch goal 1.jpg

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