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War is Coming: Reinforcements

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I like the Valkyries and Aravises Infantry. It fills a nice niche. 

Some comments from me.



  • Some more unarmed hands (from the image it looks like only one side has options to be unarmed) would be nice to make some dancers and someone actually hit the drum. 
  • I like the cats.
  • The optioned of mouth veil and non veiled heads was thematic. Short haired and long haired options are appreciated. 
  • I like the weapons choices (no basic swords!) and the design is solid overall (with a minor personal preference of a different saber and dagger guard styles)
  • The graphic having x3,x5 and x2 next to one arm/body/cat made me confused thinking its a repeat sculpt on a sprue instead of realising that all the bodies are included in the x5. This confusion was caused by the groupings not being always clear.


  • I love the folded wings, sadly they make all the other wings look puny and insufficient. I understand that this is due to sprue space.
  • The poses are a little stiff in some places. They work for stationary poses, but I can't see a good way of making them dynamic for combat (the Shield is in the wrong position, it should be infant and not hanging to the side).  
  • I always imagined stationary valkyries looking down judgingly on those that are about to die. Not looking up, thought I understand that choice was made to allow for better highlighting of the face in a tabletop setting, plus it can easily be changed.


  • I like the niche you have found and am happy that it fills something that historic kits generally can't. 

Kickstarter sets.

  • I would have liked there to be the option for the raiding party level sets (50GBP) consisting of two different faction's scouting parties (especially for the two new kits, Araves vs Valkyries) instead of just doubling down on the one faction or choosing the 2 player starter set (which are nice and do have a decent selection).
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We would like to thank you for the VERY detailed feedback. If you haven't backed, kindly do so at least for 1 euro so we may listen to you guys and what we can change if (most probably) the project doesn't fund. I wouldn't like for this comment to go unnoticed.


The Forest Goblins also didn't fund the first time but we relaunched with a better presentation and managed to do so the 2nd time around. Here's hoping this is the case for them, one 2nd (and last) chance will be given, this is our current take but we will want to get to this with cooler heads 😊

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On 3/26/2022 at 4:55 PM, Chaoswolf said:

I'm sorry we didn't make it. Any idea of when you'd be trying again?

Relaunch shouldn't be too far away, we have done most of the work and are expecting to have professional photos of all our Valkyries by end of next week.
We will notify in time, in the meanwhile we would like to say Thank you to all the supporters and to Reaper Miniatures for the platform they have again provided.
We are also wishing them the very best of success in the Bones 6 this week!


Thank you JPEG.jpg

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