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Basic Miniatures Collection (D&D)?

Rob Dean

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2 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

Have we ever had a thread that anyone remembers with advice on a basic foundational miniatures collection? Presumably to support a D&D game, as being the generic default? 


See Dungeon Dwellers Bones Box set (from Kickstarter 5). ::D:

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10 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

Have we ever had a thread that anyone remembers with advice on a basic foundational miniatures collection? Presumably to support a D&D game, as being the generic default? 

Not as far as I can remember, although it seems like this might turn into one.

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I'm not aware of a thread like that, I suppose you'd need a copy of the current edition starter set and whatever module it has for first level characters....


If I'm looking at the right edition the PCs are: 

- human fighter, chain mail and axe

- dwarf cleric with chain mail, shield, warhammer, 2 handaxes, holy symbol, backpack, crowbar, hammer, etc.

- halfling rogue with short sword, bow, and leather armor

- elf wizard with sword and spellbook

- human fighter, leather armor longbow 


At minimum, the included scenario requires goblins. 



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I am a little surprised that this hasn’t come up before.  I was imagining that there would advice like “Humans and human-like creatures: Go for a leader, two assistant leaders, and about two dozen basic figures, with a quarter to a third armed with bows or other missile weapons” …


Based on the 5e game we’ve been playing, you wouldn’t really need to bring out miniatures until the situation is somewhat complicated, so the need for large solitary creatures is not urgent.


So, start with


1) a selection of PCs in a variety of playable character species, gender presentation, and class…

2) a faction (as above) of orcs/goblins/“tusk folk” 

3) a faction of massed undead, skeletons/zombies/etc.

4) a faction of humans (or mixed player species) to represent town militia, caravan guards, bandits, hired help, etc.

5) four or so ogres/trolls 

6) …

Probably don’t need immediately (?)

A) NPCs such as tavern denizens, nobles, etc.

B) Dragon as big as a cathedral


Background: I’m considering trying to start a game.  Most of my fantasy miniature collection has been built to support wargames and are on multiple figure bases, so an RPG support collection probably needs some filling out; despite 50 years in the hobby, I have some odd gaps, such as having very few low-level undead types.  


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I started painting my pile of miniatures a few years back with the specific intention of having as much as possible painted for Pathfinder games.


What I have had get the most use:







Giant Spider


Dire Rats







For slightly higher level:






Dire Wolf

Dire Bear

Dire Boar

Insect/Spider/Rat Swarm










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I may have gotten carried away with this...


I stuck to Reaper Bones (to keep the cost down), with multi-packs where available. I went with the assumption you would pick up character models to match what your players want, so I stuck to monsters. I also limited the list to CR5 and below (I think...).



Kobold Leaders sku: 77653 -or- Ratpelt Kobold Leaders(6) 77653 sku: 07053 (not sure why the Ratpelts has 2 sku's) -or- Kobold Leaders (2) sku: 77350
Kobolds (Barkscale)(6) sku: 77010 -or- Ratpelt Kobold Mooks (6) 77652 sku: 07052 -or- Kobold Mooks sku: 77652


Goblin Elites (3) sku: 77713 -or- Goblin Command (2)sku: 77349
Goblin Warriors (6) sku: 77444 -or- Goblins (6) sku: 77024 -or- Goblin Skirmishers (6) sku: 77445


Surkar, Orc Shaman sku: 44004
Orc Fighter sku: 77019
Orc Archers (3) sku: 77002
Orc Spearmen (3) sku: 77003


Bugbear Cleric, Mogg sku: 77232
Bugbear Fighter, Rugg sku: 77231 -or- Bugbear Ranger, Kegg sku: 77233 -or- Bugbear Fighter sku: 77015 -or- Bugbear Fighter, Bhonk sku: 30005


Ogre Chieftain sku: 77005 -or- Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain sku: 77105 -or- Ogre Chieftain sku: 77566
Ogre Smasher sku: 77454 -or- Ogre Guard sku: 77456 -or- Ogre Clubber sku: 77455 (not currently in stock)


Ettin sku: 77706 -or- Nor'Okk, Ettin sku: 77103

Hill Giant

Hill Giant Lowland Chief sku: 77483
Hill Giant Lowland Warrior sku: 77475 -or- Krug, Hill Giant sku: 77313


Cave Troll sku: 77004 -or- Cave Troll sku: 77704 -or- Moor Troll sku: 44121 -or- Reaper Bones Black: Rock Troll sku: 44002


Human Fighter Bandit Leader sku: 77507
Human Fighter Brigands sku: 77707 (not currently in stock)
Human Rogue, Women of Dreadmere sku: 44036
Human Fighter Bandit Bully sku: 77508
Human Fighter Bandit Enforcer sku: 77509
Human Rogue Bandit Knocker sku: 77510


Cultists (3) sku: 77517 -or- Cultist Priests (2) sku: 77518 -or- Cultists and Circle (3) sku: 77351


Bog Skeletons (5) (44115) sku: 07032 -or- Skeletal Swordsman (3) sku: 77017 -or- Skeleton Guardian Sword (3) sku: 77240 -or- Skeleton Guardian Axeman (3) sku: 77241
Skeletal Archers (3) sku: 77018 -or- Skeleton Warrior Archer (3) sku: 77245
Skeleton Warrior Spearman (3) sku: 77244 -or- Skeletal Spearmen (3) sku: 77001 (not currently in stock)


Zombies! (5)sku: 77342 -or- Zombies (3) sku: 77053 -or- Zombies (3) sku: 77014

Ghouls (2) and Ghast sku: 77720


Rune Wight Thane and Jarl (2) sku: 44143
Rune Wight Warriors (2) sku: 44141 -or- Rune Wight Hunters (2) sku: 44142
Barrow Warden 1 sku: 77346
Barrow Warden 2 sku: 77347
Barrow Warden 3 sku: 77348


Mummy Captain sku: 77145 -or- Mummy Sandkings (2) sku: 77725
Mummy (3) sku: 77144 -or- Mummy Warrior (3) sku: 77146


Male Ghosts (2) sku: 77970 -or- Female Ghosts (3) sku: 77971

Flesh Golem

Flesh Golem sku: 77169 -or- Flesh Golem sku: 77512


Wraith Lord and Bodyguard (2) sku: 77642
Wraith Slayers (2) sku: 77641 -or- Wraith Duelists (2) sku: 77643


Bat Demon sku: 77261 -or- Mortar, Gargoyle sku: 77028


Vermin: Scorpions sku: 77125
Vermin: Spiders (2) sku: 77126
Vermin: Beetles sku: 77127
Vermin: Spider Swarm (2) sku: 77128
Vermin: Beetle Swarm (2) sku: 77130
Dungeon Vermin - Centipede (2) sku: 77427
Dire Rats (6) sku: 77016 -or- Dire Rats (8) (77016) sku: 07036
Giant Tomb Rats (6) sku: 07031
Giant Frogs (2) sku: 44024
Oxidation Beast sku: 77032
Giant Spider sku: 77025 -or- Cave Spider sku: 44057
Wolf Pack (3) sku: 07038
Dire Boar sku: 7767
Cave Bear sku: 44082 -or- Dire Bear sku: 77494
Companion Animals sku: 77216
Lions (2) sku: 77341
Griffon sku: 77689 -or -Griffon sku: 77157
Basilisk sku: 77371
Manticore sku: 77577
Dire Crocodile sku: 77670


Lizardman Warrior sku: 77050 -or- Lizardman Spearman sku: 77154
Lizardman Archer sku: 77425
Lizardman w/ Club and Shield sku: 77426 -or- Lizardman Warrior sku: 77155


Gnoll Cleric, Boneflail sku: 77234 -or- Gnoll Warlock, Toghra sku: 77235
Blackmane Gnoll Ravager sku: 07059 -or- Gnoll Fighter sku: 77388 -or- Gnoll Fighter sku: 77012 -or- Gnoll Fighter, Bloodmane sku: 77236
Gnoll Ranger, Blacktongue sku: 77104

Minotaur sku: 77501 -or- Female Minotaur sku: 77752 -or- Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian sku: 77251

Large Earth Elemental sku: 77185
Large Air Elemental (CLEAR) sku: 77584
Large Fire Elemental sku: 77082
Large Water Elemental sku: 77311


Mockingbeast sku: 77048
Gelatinous Cube SKU: 77305
Lowland Owlbear sku: 77674
Owlbear sku: 77156
Ankheg sku: 77230
Filth Beast sku: 77394

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I'm taking a slightly different approach to covering my basic gaming needs.  I've painted what I need to cover the first adventure (B2 Keep on the Borderlands) in its entirety.  I've also started painting figs for the next adventure (T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil), and will carry on from there.  


This method takes out all the guesswork in trying to put together a kit.


The Egg

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