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Basic Miniatures Collection (D&D)?

Rob Dean

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Six to 8 will outnumber most parties but not be overwhelming to run. If you add archers they can all act at the same time, reducing the potential effort.


If you know what scenario you will run, selecting models based on that scenario first is absolutely the way to go. The Rule of Cool always must be respected, of course.

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For goblins, one thing to do is decide on a "look" before going in with them.


The Pathfinder goblins don't really mix that well with most other types due to their very distinctive look, and the 9 bones ones are a great way to start (2 group packs and the single caster one), and there's some of the Deep Cuts pathfinder ones that have a few as well.


You can also go for other goblins which tend to work together and can also be a good starting point

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I had considered the Bones I kickstarter (vampire box) as the basic D&D miniatures set.

There was a variety of basic character types: mages fighters rangers clerics thieves

and it came with a sensible group of monster types:

          12 goblins + 9 pathfinder goblins

          12 kobolds

          12 giant rats

          6 orcs

          6 skeletons

          4 zombies

          2 rat swarms 2 spider swarms and 2 scarab swarms

          2 giant spiders

          and a variety of single tough monsters: a troll a specter a beholder ect....

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18 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Don't forget slimes and oozes!


Well, my vintage collection certainly has some vintage slimes and oozes, and the transparent Bones ones would be easy to leave clear or wash with a translucent paint for some color.  My only contrary thought is that they are slow and usually appear singly (though, now that I say that, it could be more tactically interesting if there was a swarm/nest of them), so it might not ordinarily be necessary to set up a tactical map to deal with the encounter.

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On 2/8/2022 at 12:57 PM, Rob Dean said:

Well, yes, although that won’t be available indefinitely…


This was why I suggested it become an evergreen product.  Even at a higher cost than the late pledges, it's an amazing introduction to fantasy tabletop gaming with so many basics covered.  Even all the PC types can easily be used as Bandits and such.




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