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From Space They Came! Goofy aliens


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A recent haul of great space aliens.
I am very stoked about the avians from CP Miniatures. They combine retro menace with retro goofiness; the sort of monster that could be played by a puppeteer in a modified ape suit. 
On the other hand, very large birds are scary! Emus won a war with Australians, and Australians toy with crocodiles and spiders! Cassowaries are lethal, flamingos can survive in hellish conditions, and we all know hornbills are some kind of Skeksis biding their time.

Diversity is important, so their skin colors will be patterned after the noble booby: some red, some blue, some yellow.
The shaggy feathers, I'm thinking dark with shiny metallic highlights; not quite gorilla-suit black but subdued in comparison to the necks and hands. 


I'm also going to give them some funny headgear, doubtless inspired by both Marvin the Martian and the tufts of the Instant Martian minions.

What's giving me grief is the beaks. 


Should I do more flamingo















or other?


Oh, also looking forward to these fellas:


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