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Monkey Business Associate--converted Charau-Ka Shaman


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I've painted many the uplifted chimpanzee and gorilla over the years, some in spacesuits, some in boiler suits. But none in a double-breasted business suit, for such minis are not easy to find!

This has been on the back burner for a while now.  I had a Raogru, Charau-Ka Shaman sculpt (pic is Reaper's) for a while.


Well, time passed and I got a jet-pack wearing space chimp from Cold War Miniatures. This came with an extra grinning chimpanzee head. I decapitated the shaman, readjusted the arms, trimmed off some of the vambraces, and slapped on some Green Stuff.



Since then, I've done a bit of trimming and polishing. I want the suit to be shoulder-padded and broad of lapel. It still needs some smoothing in some places and wrinkles in others.  Gotta get rid of that fingerprint, for instance.





I need to smooth out the wad on the back of the jacket (due to the shaman's posture I had to fill in a divot on the side)





Thinking of giving the pants cuffs and making a shirtsleeve on the extended left arm (his right hand will be holding a tiny briefcase.)


Here's the concept with the head--it's a big head, but the shoulders and chest are also big.



What do you all think?

How can I get the suit to wrinkle and hang properly? What do I need to trim or smooth?

And what would Mister Bongo here have to do to get you to sign off on one of these handsome life insurance policies that would give you and your loved ones the peace of mind you deserve?




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Update: one of my cats is full of the devil's mischief and appears to have as of Tuesday either eaten the pre-made Cold War Minis head piece or batted it somewhere my most thorough sweeps can't find. I'll have to sculpt a new one, which is good for skill development but a sad loss of a great face. At least it was a spare and I still have the astronaut helmet. 


6 hours ago, Big Bad Wolf said:

This is awesome! Great idea, great execution. I think that if you can make his hat to sit lower on his head, he would look even better. Keep the pictures coming.

Thank you! I am glad you like it, and resculpting the head will make the proportions better and allow better hat positioning!


2 hours ago, strawhat said:

I'm a bit surprised he isn't carrying a walking stick.

Great work!

My plan is for the left hand to be holding a briefcase (for monkey business documents). Maybe a business card in the extended right hand?

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