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Airbrushing the Sophie's Revenge pirate ship


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So I might get a chance to borrow a friend's airbrush, and get a nice basecoat on the ginormous SR.  


I'm worried about how the airbrushing will take to the hydrophobic Bones material.


What do you do to ensure your airbrush paint will "stick" and not bead up on the Bones material?  Am I overthinking this?  What brands of airbrush paint have you used to do up your Bones?  Anyone had any luck airbrushing their Sophie's Revenge?   Thanks!

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For the most part I really don’t do anything different to prep bones for airbrushing, cleaning is recommended especially for a piece like this. I do prefer to prime before I airbrush, it depends on what effects I’ll be adding later on in the process. That being said there is a lot of information about what to prime bones with. Basically avoid anything that is enamel/oil-based, those are the ones that tend to go tacky, stay with acrylic brush on primers or acrylic airbrush primers. I use Badger’s Stynelrez or Vallejo’s primers without thinning (so turn up the PSI). If you don’t prime then that first coat should be with an airbrush designed paint or thinn the paint with an airbrush designed thinner (Vallejo makes one so does Ammo by Mig), to circumvent the hydrophobic nature of Bones.


One other thing to keep in mind is that you are dealing with two different plastics on Sophie’s Revenge. The decks and most of the extra parts are a harder plastic, while the hull and upper cabin walls and stairs are bones, in fact the gun deck walls are very “bendy”.

1 minute ago, Pancakeonions said:

PS I'm thinking of going with Vallejo German Red Brown for the bulk of the hull, masts, etc, and either Vallejo Desert Tan or Skeleton Bone for the upper deck as a first coat.  But can't find much details out there on vallejo and Bones - how well do they play together?



Vallejo acrylic paints will work just fine on Bones, it’s enamels and oils you want to stay away from until you have that first coat of acrylic paint on the entire ship.

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I always prime with Stynelrez so I can't say how the Vallejo would go on without a layer of primer, but if you start with a dust coat my guess is that you wouldn't have to worry about bones being hydrophobic. No idea how well it would hold up to wear without the primer though.

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2 hours ago, SparrowMarie said:

I would suggest definitely washing it before you put anything on it.

Step 1 ..^..

7 hours ago, cmorse said:

…prime with Stynelrez…

5 hours ago, Auberon said:

Another vote for Stynelrez.

Step 2 ..^..


Then airbrush away. 


Pro Tip: 

USS Constitution and HMS Victory both have good websites useful for discovering the color and appearance of every sort of detail. 

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