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Since I have virtually nothing else to paint (for certain definitions of virtually and nothing, with rounding and margin of error.....).

The FLGS recently (like Wednesday) got in their first order of Bolt Action. There hasn't been anything historic being played in the area that I'm aware of (at least none of the local stores carried anything) so hopefully this is an untapped market.  Early interest seems pretty high at least.

I've been interested in playing something like this for, oh, a while, but there has never been anyone playing it where I was.  So  I was quick to jump right int.  Picked up some Germans (someone has to play the bad guys, plus I have a number of German tanks and things from West Wind in this scale....) and today started on some Grenadiers.


Well then, this isn't going to be as straightforward as Legion figs.....

There are 6 bodies, 11 heads, a number of different weapons, some with arms, so with arms you attach, and a whole bunch of kit.

I'm building 10, since that is the maximum build out for a squad, and following a video I watched for the weapons load out (3 assault rifles, 6 rifles (including the loader) and a light machine gun).


Bases and bodies, and I decided I'd use the LMG over the shoulder arm.


And where I ended up after about 3 hours.  All the arms and heads are on, but only the NCO is fully kitted.



So just because the gun looked cool, The first German finished is using an "acquired" Russian PPSh sub-machine gun (it counts as an assault rifle for the Grenadiers).

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I got the first squad primed tonight, trying out Army Painter's new Air line Grey Primer (to was perfect straight out of the bottle, no thinning needed), and then base coated with Army Painter Field Grey (not from the Air line, so thinned with water) which is actually a green-grey.



Meanwhile I started on the SD.KFZ 251/10 (PAK 36) AUSF D Half-track (really rolls off the tongue.....:upside:).


Kit seems pretty straight forward.  The big two sprues would be the same as the standard version.  The little sprue is the added pieces need for the PaK 36 anti-tank gun.


Assembly was pretty quick, to the point I stopped for the night.


There are a couple if fiddly little parts that go to the gun that I couldn't figure from the directions (I've since found a video so can do those in the morning).



And a test fit of it together.  There are still some bits that need adding, rear gun, antenna, storage compartments, stowage, etc, but this should be pretty quick to finish up.  Just need to decide if I want to finish assembly before painting, or keep the top off until I get the interior painted.  So far I'm leaning towards the latter.


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Did some highlighting on the uniform colour, which may be too subtle to really show.

Then two coats of the base colour (AP Banshee Brown) on the gaiters, and on the helmets with coverings and the Zeltbahn ponchos.  Not quite sure what colour to make the helmet that doesn't appear to have a covering....somewhere in the grey to green range no doubt....



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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Field Grey!

That's what colour it is now. 

Browsing the web I see some sort of that colour, some greener, some greyer. But I guess that is pretty common with trying to get the colours "right" anyway.....

I was thinking of going a bit darker/greyer....then maybe highlight back with field grey, just to make it stand out a bit.


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Camo day.  Haven't done camo on anything but some big stompy mechs, so this was a bit different.  I followed a video so if it looks terrible I can blame youtube.....


Started with some vaguely angular splotches of AP Werewolf Fur.  The NCO and the young fellow who dropped his helmet got to sit this out.

I'm also trying AP Uniform Grey for that helmet, to add a slightly different colour.



Then came the AP Army Green splotches, generally adjacent to the brown ones.  Helmet guy had a dark wash and then some of the original colour over it for a little highlight.  That seemed to stand out to much on the helmet so I'll wash it again.




And the a wash of diluted (with their wash medium) AP Strong Tone (and the helmet got Dark Tone again).

I think they look decent, so other bits will be next, likely all the black leather.


I also have been doing bits of assembly, but not enough to take a pic yet.....



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I did a little painting at lunch the other day, but the camo was so good they weren't in focus :poke:

Just remembered to take a new pic.


Base coated the skin with AP Tanned Skin.  Also remembered why I normally do skin first, so there will be some touch ups of everything else.


Also, I've been working on printing my first building for the game, from WOW Buildings' World in Ruins kickstarter.


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Decided to finish off bases coast for 3 to see how it went, and 3 seems a good number for me to rotate through (10 is not).



Pretty happy with how the colours look. Some highlighting and washes will follow, and the metal parts of the guns will get some black metal likely.  Have to look up some of the bits on the guns to see what colour they should be as well. and I'll probably pick out some fasteners to show a little metallic as well.

So far so good, but I'd like to get this first unit done to get to some playing.....


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