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Started feeling decent last night.  Has continued into today.  Hopefully a real recovery, not just another "feel better for a bit" thing.....


Yesterday I dug into the metal bits for the Pioniers.


Quite the assortment of extras to go beyond the sprues of standard Blitzkrieg Germans.

I've started on a Goliath demolition team which I'll get pics of later.  In case you don't know, the Goliath is that little tank-like thing in the upper right. It's a wired remote control device that was used to drive under tanks, or into buildings, or on to bridges, and then detonate.  Could carry 60-100 kgs of explosives.  They were highly unreliable, so when used in game they only detonate on a 5+ on a d6.  Below that they malfunction and are lost. Not reliable but unique, so a must have.


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Goliath demolish team in progress.


A unit is an NCO and 2 men.  The Goliath itself is treated as a marker, and is removed from the table once used.
I'll use the guy with the controls as a normal rifleman.  The other two will get finished up later to another rifleman and an NCO with a sub-machinegun.


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Goliath demolition team assembled.
Next I'm working on the flamethrower, grenade launcher and strumpistole guys, as they are all unique, since they only provide one of each.

Then I'll look at making 2 units, so 10 with rifles, 10 with sub machine guns.  And a few light machine guns And some with panzerfausts.

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Tried out the Goliath team on Thursday.  They managed to deliver the package to the tank, but it failed to detonate with a roll of 3.  My dice were off the whole game so this did not come as a surprise.


Finally got some work on the Pioniers done yesterday.


Grenade launcher (the guy with what looks like a big rifle lying down, the converted PzB-39 anti-tank rifles into GrB-39 grenade launchers), Strumpistole and Flamethrower are done, although I could still put some kit on the lying down guy.
I started on 10 riflemen, but got interrupted to take a cat to the emergency vet (he'll be ok) and didn't get back to them.  So one guy still needs arms and gun, and they all need heads and kit.


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Slight detour as I got to K47 units I wanted together to prime with the rest tomorrow (hopefully, if no new medical crises occur).


But first I had to put the arms and gun on that last Pionier.



Luckily the 2 K47 units were 2 man specialists squads.

German Heavy Sniper Team
German Heavy Panzerschreck team



That was enough for my poor eye tonight.


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Took a bit of a break while might right eye was struggling due to the Bell's Palsy.

As it seems to be recovering a bit (at least it isn't constantly watering) I made a push to finish assembling the Pionier riflemen,


I gave 4 of them the engineering backpacks (saved 5 for the veteran Sturmpioniere, with sub-machineguns) , the rest got normal kit.


I'll need to do at least 6 smg guys plus a NCO with an smg next.    Then do 2 sets of lmgs with loaders.


My eye behaved fairly well, so hopefully I can get some more done this weekend.  Big "mega battle" next Saturday, for which I'd like everything at least primed.


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SMG Sturmpioniere assembled.


I've started on a prone lmg and loader.

Looks like there is a way to make a standing lmg firing from the hip so the other lmg team will be standing. I should also do a loader of some sort for the grenade launcher guy it seems.  Not sure what he'd be carrying......


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I finished assembly enough on the prone guys to play them tonight.  I'm going to switch them to a larger round base since it is basically impossible to position them right on two of the long bases.....I'll take a pic at some point.


Tonight when I got home from a excellent 2x2 750 points each game of Bolt Action I had a message from a friend who's driving across the country  (well from northern Alberta) to NS.  He used to own a game store and is the person who got me into minis and mini painting.  I knew he was going to come visit but his schedule was pretty fluid so I wasn't sure exactly one.  Turns out he'll be here tomorrow evening.  Saturday we are having a "Mega battle" of 750 point armies at the FLGS, run by the Warlord Games rep who lives about an hour from here.  This is the first one so we don't really know what is involved other than we're playing BA and it is a new player friendly event.  So I offered to put together a 750 point German army for him too (he's played a few games of BA at home with some 3D printed models). So I took a look at what I have assembled.  Tanks and armored cars should be no problem.  infantry is likely ok.  But special teams and command staff, not so much.  So I cracked open my Fallschirmjager Support Group box and Waffen-SS snipe, flame thrower & panzerschrek teams blister and started cleaning figs up.


So the flamethrower, sniper and panzerschrek figs are all cleaned up and assembled.  The officer from the support group is as well.  The machinegun team and mortar teams are cleaned up.  I'll glue together the weapons and then just blue tack  them to the bases tomorrow if they are being used.  Everything else we'll sort tomorrow night.


Oh and I almost forgot. I've done almost nothing with transports so far, but had a plan for tonight.  I got some small transports in my last order, which arrived yesterday.  So I looked at which one was the easiest to assemble and took a few minutes today to assemble a Schwimmwagen.


It's an amphibious little car that can transport a team of up to 3.  The plan was to throw a panzershrek team in it and run them up to the middle of the table, then hopefully snipe some armour. 

Worked out perfect in tonight's game.  They even put the table together with a convenient road to get them there that much faster (wheel vehicles move double distance on a road).  Took out an armoured car and would have got another one but it ran away with Recce.....


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Was away for a bit for vacation.  Got back and signed up for a BA tournament next weekend in the city about an hour north of here.  Should be fun.

Decided to get some transports built (because I've been slack about doping that).

Pulled down some free easy print files for the Opel Blitz and Maultier.  Figured that would be easier that assembling a bazillion kits, and cheaper too.

I do have two Warlord kits for them so I'll build on as each type.

Today I started building an "offical" Blitz and also put together one that I'd printed.



Scale looks pretty spot on for the 3D prints.


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