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So things have been pretty busy for me the last couple of weeks.  
Last weekend I wasn't feeling good, so I decided to just assemble some of the transports I'd printed out.



Not sure when I'd ever need 16 transports (I assembled 2 a bit ago, plus I have the two actual Warlord kits)....


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So, post back surgery (3 weeks ago right now, I was on the table), time to give painting a go.




Going to stick to fairly short sessions until I see how my back likes it.  All I did was an AP Dark Tone over the AP Field Grey (previously done with the air brush) anywhere where it is going to stay, so the uniforms and the officer caps.

The 12 guys were picked at random just because I had 12 bottle caps with tac on them.  There are more waiting, of course.

May try a bit more later today, if not, tomorrow.


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A little more



Reclaimed some of the Field Grey and a bit of highlighting with Castle Grey.  Not sure how much any of it shows...

I think that was most of an hour and I'm starting to feel it in my back, so that's it for today.
Next up are some actual colours that will show up 🙂


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