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I need to magnetize a resin print of a aasimar (aka Angelfolk) from Twin Goddess. Since aasimar don't normally wear wings all the time, but protector sub-races can manifest them for a short time, I figured having a set you can take on & off would be a neat way to show it.


Nice work, so far + hey if you need armor for a game, they are already in a German-eque shade of grey too. :lol:

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Had a bit of time after D&D tonight, so a bit more assembly.




Finished assembly on the Panzer II and also did a Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer.  Was a little disappointed that while this older Hetzer kit comes with a commander fig, it doesn't come with a split hatch, so I would have had to try splitting the hatch along the seam and get enough adhesion along the edges to hold the pieces...  Instead I did a closed hatch.
I have another of the older resin Hetzer that I'll also do with a closed hatch, and then have the newer plastic kit, which I'll likely do as a flammpanzer with a commander, assuming it has a decent hatch.  And I'll likely pick up another one at some point to do the recon/anti-aircraft version also possibly with the plastic kit.


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Hey look, so actual painting in my painting WIP.....weird......


A whole bunch of touch ups and washes and highlights done this afternoon.
Just the weapons and and metal bits on them left to do tonight.  I'll likely just base coat the bases in Muddy Soil (still don't know why they discontinued that.....luckily I ordered a couple extra bottles before it was gone.....)


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Been a bit, my back has been unhappy which generally leaves me too tired to paint or anything.


Today I started assembling the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer plastic kit.

Unlike the resin and metal kit, it has 3 options to build.  So while I was building the bottom I was looking at the options for building the Flammpanzer version and the 2cm Flak 38 Auf Hetzer versions.

My original plan was to make this plastic kit the Flammpanzer and then eventually get another one to do the Flak 38.

But looking at the Flammpanzer build, it is really just the turret area that is different.  So I decided to "adjust" the turret are on the other resin and metal one I have and see if I could make it a Flammpanzer with the pieces from the plastic kit.


There it is with just the pieces sitting in place, along with the original plastic turret mount piece for reference.  I think that will work!

So I will finish that up with some putty to fill in any gaps and get it to stick out a but more (I dremeled a bit deep).

Then I'll complete the plastic version (in the background there) as the 2cm Flak 38.



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Had some time at lunch:

Gave magnetizing the machine guns a shot.  Started with the metal one.  First attempt to get a magnet to stick failed with the coating coming off the magnet.  Gave it another shot and will let it set for the afternoon.

Remembered I had to attach all the kit to the back of the hull of the plastic one, so did that, drilled and cut out all the holes for the upper hull and started assembling the AA gun.  If done properly the gun can change elevation, so I glued on the round parts and left them to dry, as they go into the outer parts without glue to allow the movement.


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Managed to finish the main assembly of the Flak Hetzer tonight.


Currently in 3 pieces, which is how I think I'll prime and base coat. And probably finish the details on the interior and gun.

The gun goes in like this.


It freely pivots 360 degrees and goes up and down smoothly as well.


And with the hull on.


The kit was pretty good.  I don't like how the side skirts attach, or that I had to cut out the notches for them, but the rest is pretty good.  It would have been nice if they had included seated crew for the Flak, as they include the 2 seats.


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A pic of the vehicles and the like ready for priming or base coating.


I started priming last night but my airbrush was spraying sub-optimally so I ended up giving it a good cleaning and leaving it at that.


Then I assembled some Konflikt '47 figures last night and this morning.



In the back are 8 Totenkorps (aka zombies) from the German starter box.

In front of them are 8 Nachtalben ("night demons").

And on the left is an assault unit of 2 Nachtjagers....not sure what I'd call them, but scary.....


I'm trying to get most of my K47 together to play a game on Thursday.


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Enough monsters, on to some more "normal" mad science, power armor!


This is a box of Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry, plus the pack of 2 LMG guys.

Over all I really like the figs, they are really hefty and pretty well cast.  However the arms are a bit fiddly for my liking.  Also, I'd have really liked an NCO fig with one had signaling or pointing or something.

I really like that, as two members of this unit can be equipped with 2 panzerfaust, they provided 2 extra backpacks, with panzerfaust.  This is awesome for magnetization as the backpacks and the torso are both chonky enough to use decent sized magnets.

I expect I'll be getting another box or two of these in the future.

Up next I'll be assembling the "Locust" medium Panzermech (a true big stompy).  I've been through the pieces and everything looks great, and it looks like there is room to magnetize all the weapon options.

But after magnetizing those heavy infantry, my Dremel needed to be plugged in to charge.


I also hope to get back to the airbrushing, but I'll probably assemble the mech first, incase I decide to play it this week....


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Took a good chunk of time but I was able to magnetize all the weapons for the Heuschrecke (Locust) medium panzermech.


I put two magnets in for the top weapons to help keep them oriented.



Just a single for each lower weapon mostly because that's all that really fit, but they lock in really well.



Rockets on top and machine guns for the lower.




Anti-tank gun up top and auto-cannons below.



Now I can actually get around to assembling this big boy...

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Played with the airbrush tonight. Most of the pics are in the spray booth, so fairly crappy lighting......



Started with some AP Air Grey Primer.  Most of the tanks were partially done the other day.

I decided to do this unit of heavy infantry in tank colours, since they are almost walking tanks.  And I want to test out my tank colours.

Once the real primer was dry I hit them with AP Air Husk Brown, to mimic the Rotbraun primer that was used on tanks.



Then I started trying out my dunkelgleb colours.  Army Painter has started producing triads, so I'm using a dark yellow triad from their Air line.

I started with a base coast of Barren Yellow.  I remembered to take a pic after I'd started the mid colour, so the three in the front on the right are still just the base colour.

Then from 45 degrees or so I hit them with Desert Yellow.



And the from nearly straight above, with a little more on the front, I hit them with the highlight, Yellow Dune.  The two on the right have the highlight, while the guy on the left doesn't.



And a pic over on my painting desk.


It's not a bad yellow, I'm just not sure if it is a little too yellow or not.  My only experience with anything called dunkelgleb is the War Front colours from S75, and it is very beige.

I could hit these with a bit of Skeleton Bone, which is more towards beige, but I'm not sure yet.....




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