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Ticket Sales for RC 22


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Class tickets will be several weeks or months out yet. AFAIK they don't have a schedule yet, and may just be starting to get teachers lined up.  You will see badges go on sale first, because you'll need one before you can buy classes.   So look for badges to go on sale in coming weeks, and then watch for class schedules to be posted, and some time after that they will be available for sale.  IIRC it was mid summer last year, July or August when classes went up for grabs.  Also, classes go up in waves, so there will be a first rush, but more will be added after that, so check back to see what is new.


Read class descriptions carefully, some are beginner level and some can be very advanced.  If you don't have the skills or the tools for the class you may find yourself frustrated or overwhelmed.  Always give yourself plenty of down time during the con, back to back classes and games have a tendency to leave people exhausted, and unable to remember what they learned.  There are a lot of old advice threads here in the forum from previous years, most of it is still true. 

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Copied from Discord, since it wasn't posted here: 


Of note - from the newsletter that went out regarding tickets for Reaper on, since some people didn't see it.

[9:14 AM]


Admission Tickets


Attendance tickets are planned to go on sale Monday, March 7, 2022.


Tickets Type and price: VIP 4-Day Admission is $100 and includes:

Admission for all four days to ReaperCon 2022 ($80 value) 

One VIP Bonus Bundle including: $20 Gift Card, resin VIP Miniature, resin HOF Miniature, 1 set of exclusive Pizza Dungeon "Dungeon Dwellers" Dice, one randomly Bones 6 Preview Miniature, and one MSP Core Color VIP Triad

$500 in Reaper Bucks, good for purchasing merchandise from the Reaper Bucks store 4 Faction Tokens


4 Day Admission is $50 and includes: Admission for all four days to ReaperCon 2022 ($80 value) One $20 gift voucher good at the ReaperCon Store or Reaper Game Store $200 in Reaper Bucks, good for purchasing merchandise from the Reaper Bucks store 4 Faction Tokens


Day Passes: Daily Passes are $20.


Attendance into ReaperCon 2022 is free for children 12 and under with the paid admission of parent or guardian.


In addition, you may also purchase tickets to the 2022 ReaperCon Meet and Greet. This year, we're holding the Meet and Greet back at the ReaperCon factory and warehouse. More details regarding the specifics of the Meet and Greet are coming soon!


Swag bags We'll be taking preorders for ReaperCon Swag in 2022 just like we did last year for RC2021. We do this because we include items, like resin figures, that are not manufactured on-site, as well as items we purchase from outside vendors. There will be a limited number of Swag items available at the show as well.


More details regarding Swag Box items will be coming soon on ReaperMini.com!



ReaperJon — Today at 9:54 AM

Okay so things are different this year, The meet and greet will be held here at the reaper factory. There are multiple reasons for this. 1: We can better track how many people will be in attendance with adding the meet and greet as a separate ticket to know how much food to prepare before the event. 2: The factory gives us a large space to hold this event and get it catered with better food than previous years, since it is not rolled into other tickets like the past. 3: It allows us to have more control over what is being served and not limited on options from the Hotel ETC for food preferences. Also no price has been given but we are looking at $5-10 as the price of a meet and greet ticket - normally this would be included in your VIP and a add on for normal tickets. if anything changes I will update where I can, adding this to the FAQ list and will be talking about it a lot in the coming news letters and news!



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